The online casino gaming sphere has continuously evolved and has introduced different games in the market. Classics such as baccarat, blackjack, and roulette continue to be popular options. However, to adapt to the digital age, software developers stepped up to integrate them into the online format. 

Video poker is one of the classic table games you can play on almost every online casino site. Although not much different from traditional poker, the main key element for comparison is that you play against a machine.

Your chances of winning might also increase if you try a strategy that works for your poker gameplay. Before placing a wager, here is every video poker strategy that you can try:

Understanding the game of video poker

Before diving into the different strategies you can employ, you must understand how the game is played. Video poker retains the same concept as the traditional game. If you are already familiar with the game’s basic rules, adapting to the game should be a breeze. But for beginners, here is a brief guide on how to play the game:


The first betting round of video poker is called pre-flop. Here you will be dealt with the starting hand, which consists of two cards. In every round, it is important to evaluate your cards before you decide on a betting action. You have three options:

  • Call – To call in poker means you will match the amount the previous player has wagered.
  • Raise – This action means that you will place a higher wager than the one previously placed.
  • Fold – If you think your cards are a complete dud, you can call to fold.


During the flop round, players will be dealt three face-up cards known as community cards. You can use these cards to improve the value of your hand. Another betting round will then commence, where they can call, raise or fold.


Also known as the fourth street, the turn betting round will have the dealer add another community card. Players who have not folded at this point can continue building their hands with this card.


The river or fifth street betting round is the last stage where the last community card is dealt. Here, players will reveal their hands to see and determine who is winning at video poker.

Hand Rankings

When playing video poker, it is important to have a sense of familiarity with the game’s hand rankings. This is so you can determine which cards to play or when to fold. These rankings, more often than not, remain the same in different poker variants, so you can refer to the same list. 

Here is a video poker strategy chart of the different hand rankings:

Hand rankingCards
Royal flushThe same suit of 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace.
Straight flushFive cards in consecutive order from the same suit.
Four of a kindHolds four cards with the same value and from the same suit.
Full houseCarries a pair and a three-of-a-kind.
FlushContains five cards from the same suit but not in succeeding order.
StraightFive cards in consecutive order but from different suits.
Three of a kindHolds three cards with the same value and two unrelated cards.
Two pairsContain two pairs and a random card.
One pairHolds one pair and three random cards.
High cardWithout a ranking card, the one with the highest card value wins.

Types of video poker games that are available in BC.GAME

At BC.GAME, there’s a lot to choose from among the different types of video poker games available on the site. This can help you diversify your poker betting experience, where you can jump from one title to another. Depending on the software provider, different features may be introduced to make their title enticing to play. 

With this, get the biggest win at video poker with these BC.GAME game titles:

Video Poker – BC Originals

The site has its own video poker game among the fantastic poker titles in BC.GAME’s catalogue. Like other video poker titles, this offers simplified rules and faster gameplay. To start playing, you first need to choose the amount you want to play with. 

Depending on your risk appetite, you can wager a minimum amount of 0.00000010 BTC or you can choose to go all in. The main goal of the game still remains true to its traditional counterpart which is to build the best five-hand. 

One of the game’s attractive features is its auto-mode, allowing players to play hand-free depending on the number of rounds and money they have put in.

Caribbean Stud Poker – Play’n GO

One of the best video poker titles you can enjoy at BC.GAME is Play’n GO’s Caribbean Stud Poker. The game’s graphics and sound effects create a fun and immersive Caribbean-themed environment that adds to the overall gaming experience. It places a tropical twist to poker, making it exciting and thrilling to play. 

Here players compete against the dealer to have the best five-card hand possible. With an impressive 98.19% Return to Player rate (RTP), players can win big with the game’s progressive jackpot. The pot amount is displayed in red text at the upper right corner of the game. The game features easy-to-use controls and allows players to place bets with various values. 

Triple Edge Poker – BetSoft

BetSoft’s Triple Edge Poker is another exciting video poker game you can enjoy at BC.GAME. Its graphics and animations are top-notch, giving players a realistic and immersive gaming experience. Many enjoy this game because of its fast-paced gameplay, high-quality graphics, and exciting bonus features, making it a great choice for poker fans.

The game offers a unique twist to the poker players are familiar with. Played with a single deck of cards, players can place up to wagers on up to three hands simultaneously. 

The game also features a bonus round where players can win additional payouts. Triple Edge Poker is available to play on desktop and mobile devices, and it’s compatible with various operating systems. 

In Between Poker – OneTouch

Last but not least, OneTouch’s In Between Poker is an innovative poker game combining elements from traditional and hi-lo poker. The game’s objective is for players to predict whether the value of the third card dealt will fall between the value of the first two cards. The game offers a variety of betting options, including side bets and the ability to bet on the suit of the third card. 

You can expect a smooth betting experience thanks to the game’s intuitive design and easy-to-use controls that make it accessible to players of all skill levels. With its exciting gameplay and the potential for big payouts, OneTouch’s In Between Poker is one of the top choices for poker fans in BC.GAME.


Winning strategies in video poker

When playing any casino game, it is important to place yourself in the mindset that nothing is guaranteed. Despite this, you can still boost your odds, maximising your chances and grabbing wins. This makes employing a winning strategy an important part of playing video poker. 

Here is a video poker strategy guide to help you maximise your chances:

Play the maximum coins

If your budget permits, play maximum coins every now and then. By doing so, you are making the most of your potential winnings. Once you hit a good hand, you will be rewarded handsomely with a huge payout.

Study the paytable

A paytable is a list of payouts showing how much each hand combination is valued. It is important to study this so you can compute how much you can earn for each wager you place. Fortunately, most video poker titles display the pay table, so memorising them is unnecessary.

Always hold a winning hand

Luck plays a crucial role in poker. The odds of getting a royal flush each betting round are low. With this, you must always hold and play a winning hand. It can be any of the other suits known in the hand rankings of the game. If all you have is a two-pair, you can bluff your way into victory by making your opponents think you have a good hand. 

Bluff selectively

Despite having a low poker hand ranking, you can bluff your way into grabbing the victory. It is a part of the strategic element of poker. If you can, exploit your opponent’s weakness and scare them into folding. Although when you attempt to bluff, it is important that you do it at the right moment. Using this strategic technique may force your opponents to keep their guard up around you.

Best tips to try and win in video poker

Besides employing a strategy when playing online video poker, you can also follow a set of different tips to further improve your winning odds. Fortunately, there are tons of tested and trusted ones you can use for future betting rounds. Here are some video poker tips to keep in mind:

1. Set a budget

When playing any online casino game, it is always important to set a reasonable budget for each gaming session. Make sure never to spend more than you have allotted to avoid losing money unnecessarily. Once you have won your target amount in mind, learn how to stop. With this, it is also necessary to never chase losses no matter how tempting it is as it can break your bank.

2. Maximise bonuses and promotions

Arguably, only a select few sites are truly generous with bonuses and promotions, and BC.GAME is one of them. The site automatically enrols you on their VIP program, where you can earn more impressive rewards as you level up. All you have to do is consistently wager to continue levelling up.

Use the rewards from the site’s bonuses and promotions to your advantage and increase your odds of winning further. Free chips can help you win prizes without spending any extra money. Cashback rewards, on the other hand, can aid you in recovering lost wagers.

3. Choose the right video poker game

Not all video poker games were created the same way. Game developers introduce different elements to make their games unique and enticing. With this, make sure to pick a game that fits your betting preferences the best. Take into account the game’s pay table, game features, and bonus rounds, if there are any. 

Try playing various online video poker variants at BC.GAME

BC.GAME is the top crypto betting site in the market. Here you will find the best and most engaging video poker strategy card games. By signing up on their site, you can expect a smooth betting experience. This is thanks to the site’s numerous features that continue to make the site the top-performing online betting platform. 

With cryptocurrency as a payment method, you can expect faster and more secure transactions, whether you’re making a deposit or claiming your payouts. Since crypto is decentralised, you don’t have to wait longer to enjoy your prizes. 

Besides this, also expect to be showered with different bonuses and offers. BC.GAME values all its players by incentivising them with rewards. Climb up the site’s VIP levels for exciting prizes that will help increase your video poker odds.

Employ strategies and win in video poker games!

Using strategies is an integral part of online casino gaming. Although they do not guarantee success, doing so maximises your odds of success when playing video poker. Besides the ones mentioned above, there are tons more different strategies you can use on BC.GAME’s video poker casino. See which one works best for you and your bankroll!


What is the best strategy for video poker?

The best video poker strategy is always making the mathematically optimal decision for each hand based on the game’s paytable and your cards. This involves considering factors such as the probability of drawing certain cards and the potential payouts for different hands. Additionally, a strategy chart can help you make the correct decisions in each situation.

What is the best way to win at video poker?

The best way to win at video poker is to use an optimal strategy based on the game’s paytable and manage your bankroll wisely to minimise losses and maximise long-term profitability.

How to win video poker?

The first step into winning video poker is learning how to play and always employing tips and tricks such as bankroll management and maximising bonuses and promotions.