Stocks are also going down pretty hard (in terms of stocks) since friday. Was the cryptocurrency crash before the stocks coincidence? I don’t think so. Governments knew that the interest rates are going back up after years being 0 or close to 0. Now the interest rates started going up again and they knew this would trigger a “crash/correction” in stock markets because now it’s more “interesting” again to leave your money in the bank. It was a certainty if interest rates would go up that prices of stocks would go down to more reasonable levels (still it’s waaaay overvalued). So did they manipulate the crypto markets first by spreading fud, regulating and most likely manually let the prices go down before the crash of stocks would happen? Cryptocurrencies are more needed than ever looking to the current financial situation worldwide. Fiat and financial markets are ticking timebombs and the only way to escape this is cryptocurrencies (or real estate etc.). Probably the monetary system as we know it can last for many more years, even decades or ages, but eventually it will collapse because there is no way to escape it. Then crypo will be there to catch the fall.


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