Best Casino Affiliate Programs and Offers for 2022

This round-up is all about the top affiliate programs for casinos. In our words, “casino” refer to the internet, not Las Vegas hotels. Some affiliates consider this niche of online gambling forbidden. And affiliate companies are also earning outrageously rich by advertising programs for these niches. Is this industry worth 91 billion in 2025? It’s up to you. Several US state governments prohibit online gaming, but there can still be a way around that problem.

Internet gambling has been projected over the next decade to reach 72bn and 12% growth. In 1638 the first casinos were constructed in Veneto. It is also possible that there are some very lucrative niches. Tapping into such markets means finding the best casino affiliate programs. It won’t happen in an affiliate network, but it will need tracking manually. We discovered this when we asked top casino affiliates to select their preferred programs.

The Ultimate Guide to Gambling Affiliate Marketing & Best Online Gambling Affiliate Programs

Several years back, gambling became an additional affiliate marketing revenue route. They focus on achieving profit. Gambling has destroyed the industry in terms of revenue by creating new ways of converting. Tell me the best way to earn money for someone else’s pleasure.

Best Casino Affiliate Programs 2022| List Of Top Online Gambling Affiliates

It is difficult for gambling industry developers without strong casino partners with leading brands. Numerous websites offer online casinos to create and market partnerships and promote the gaming industry. Learn about casino partners and how they make income online from casinos.

Genesis Casino Affiliate Program

Genesis Casino has been among the oldest in these rounds and has a long history dating from its beginnings in Internet gaming. Currently, the company offers over 1,300 games ranging from live casinos to casino games, including video slots. Your visitors will be comfortable knowing Genesis has the PCI standard and provides safe gaming environments. Players receive up to 100 free spins on specific games. The site also offers a mobile-compatible gambling experience that can be viewed on any smartphone without special software. It pays a minimum of 33 % of the revenues and 2.5% monthly referrals. What’s an effective marketing strategy for Genesis Casinos?

The target audience

Identification quickly – This person is between 25-45 years of age, with average wealth and gambling, and is impulsive. He’s working hard, but he doesn’t have time for relaxation and wants time for computers. It is probably an individual or the head of a department at a larger corporation. This user wants to disperse this procedure. That is the goal of the online casinos he seeks. It is worth remembering the basics when using target markets to promote gambling. The younger the audience, the less scalability it will be. 18-24. We don’t even have that word. 45+ isn’t quite appropriate, but there are some we want.

BitStarz Casino Affiliate Program

BitStarz is a popular online casino for players and developers for players. The customer support teams must also hold a minimum of 3-year industry experience. So your visitors receive an online casino that aims at UX and offers enough fun that they will enjoy them for years. There are slot games, tables, jackpots, live casino games and cryptocurrency-based casino-based games – where players have the option to withdraw money using only Bitcoin. Affiliates receive an exclusive 40% commission rate. There will not be any negative carry out. Does this program have any merit?


Casumo Casino Affiliate Program

How do affiliates make money with online casinos? Casumo Casino tries to provide a pleasant experience to players by providing an interface which is quite modern and well-organised. Happy players spend money and increase their chances of obtaining a good chunk of revenue. Player options include live casino gaming and virtual gaming. You can choose from over 2,000 video game titles from slot machines, jackpot game options and many more! Their live gaming involves betting against dealers, thus making them incredibly skilful in online competitions.

Slotland Casino Affiliate Program

Slots have existed since the mid-2000s and are a famous online casino brand, with the latest version being launched in 1998. And they aim to offer other kinds of casino games to be the best of their genre in the industry, as the name says. The site also offers video poker for players looking for more variety. Their interface seems older now. Tell me the time it takes to earn the commission. Life. Casino partners earn revenue sharing for every referral they make and play. The player can earn as much as 50% as he loses.

Ace Revenue Affiliate Program

Ace revenues have been in operation since 2009. Their work includes Captain Jack Planet7, Silver Oak Casino and many more. Tell me the process of doing business. The company does not penalise the affiliates for negative carryover. Note that a negative carryover happens when the affiliate commissions paid in the month have a lower balance because the referrals get a good return. Having $500 in negative carryover requires 500 earnings in the following months to make the next profit on your investment.

Dreams Casino Affiliate Program

Dreams casinos are operated by the Affiliate network Gaming Wages, which started as the brains behind the creation and marketing of the casino network. The casinos have all players’ favourites, such as slots, blackjack & roulette tables, and video poker – the total number is 150. Those who sign up are given a 20% off their welcome bonus. If they deposit a deposit of $150, they’ll pay $150. A 24/7 support service is provided to VIP players with dedicated support teams VIP members.

Fortune Jack Casino Affiliate Program

Fortune Jack was founded in 2014 with more than two decades of gambling experience. Plenty of fun casino games exist for players, including Casino Poker, Blackjack and Roulette. This happens by using a cryptocurrency and not by FAT funds. You’ll allow the visitor to make an immediate deposit and receive an immediate withdrawal without having to pay any fees on credit cards or wire transfers. It also provides affiliates with money to pay in BTC. Please have an ATM and a bank account.

Bet365 Affiliate Program

Bet365 is an acclaimed casino name. They invest heavily in advertising and offer excellent gameplay experiences. They also have several video casino games but also many available live games. You can also spend a couple of hours observing your competitors online. All these things are done in the security-based gaming system provided by this firm. Tell me the comparison between the casinos and other affiliates. Affiliate Partners typically earn a flat 30% profit.


Mr. Green Casino Affiliate Program

Mr Green was based at its Stockholm headquarters in 2007. This award-winning gambling site offers over 1,500 gaming titles from some top online gambling industry names. Players can also play regular games, including virtual slots, traditional slots, a combination of virtual and live casino titles and new offerings in 3D. It is also an addition to Keno sports betting or jackpots, which can be played on a smartphone. How does it differ from other affiliate casinos?

Betsson Casino Affiliate Program

Betsson’s group shares a lot of similarities to Ace Revenue’s name, with which there are various separate brands. Several online casinos include Betsafe Nordic, Bet Casino Euro and StarCasino. Several casino websites offer various games, including gambling and poker. So there are things that appeal almost to all gamers that enjoy playing such games online. As a casino affiliate, you earn as much as 40% through the revenue-sharing program for a new depositor.

What is an online casino affiliate program?

Affiliate programs are marketing programs for websites where affiliates earn revenue using a website that promotes gambling. By 2022 there will still be a lot to do with promoting new online casino games, especially for a newly established one. Online casino programs also aim at attracting more customers and increasing revenues for these casino brands. The gambling industry increasingly chooses the best casinos as gamblers become more selective.

Over the past decade, affiliate advertising has been worth millions in value and never slowed down. Top promotional materials, efficient marketing tools, and quality content creation await. Several online casinos offer such products and promise to generate traffic. So for ease of use, below we have listed the best affiliate casinos for 2022. Compare different platforms and select the one that best suits you and the site that you want to visit.

How Does It Work?

Affiliate websites (or social media site owners) use ads, link forms, or other material forms when advertising their gaming sites. The revenues from the website are determined by clicking on the link or by referees. Affiliated companies have previously been active in gaming or gambling, thus offering quality services and impressive gambling profits.

King Billy Casino Affiliate Program

King Billy is also among our top-rated online casinos. The company hosts live casino events, including blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. The welcome packages usually provide 200 free spins on specific games or a 100% bonus for the deposit. The company has a commission rate that is 50% above normal. King Billy affiliates offer an alternative payment method – real cash (FIAT) and cryptocurrencies. Why do you have a chance for promotion?

Casino Affiliate Program Payments

Most paid programs are revenue-sharing payment models, which are fine at first sight. You have to be vigilant about the negative carryovers, though. If a company loses big, it can win big. You can’t get a huge win. It leaves you with bad credit in your affiliate account. Several programs can wipe away a negative balance in a month, but not all. Please read carefully. Let us go into the program itself.



Cloudbet is an online casino you will likely see more of in future – albeit with limited trade with bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. I’ve seen times when the FIAT currencies have already been withdrawn from internet markets. Casinos are trying to catch up to the upcoming changes. Cloudbet allows players to play online casinos from a relatively new interface. The betting options are plenty for sports betting, and they vary widely among them. Affiliate programs pay a 30 % flat profit share. However, the company will be willing to discuss hybrid commission programs to attract the correct type. CloudBet Affiliates / LinkedIns:

Golden Star Casino

Golden Star Casino has its origins in 2012 and is managed by the industry’s most experienced casino operators and industry veterans. A player may participate in the usual casino games, including virtual games suitable for everyone. But playing tables or playing live is also fun. In their live casinos, you can play roulette, blackjack or poker in their online casinos. Almost every one of those games features an authentic dealer, so the experience is immersive. Golden Star supports Bitcoin Games, which means you do not require any personal details for the transactions on this account unless you are a Bitcoin user.

Betsson Casinos

You will find many casinos that operate under Betson’s umbrella, including Betsafe Casino. It has been around for nearly 50 years since they played the casino and is a respected name. Players will have an opportunity to select from many classic casino games, and the game selection is also available at Live Casinos. One point is that the group is concentrated in Europe, so American players will have no luck. Affiliate programs operate in revenue sharing, and you can also receive paid if you join sub-affiliated companies. You can get a free CPA account if there are many members in your market.

Ace Revenue

Ace Revenue is slightly distinct because it does not appear to be a casino. Instead, they created an affiliate program covering several online casinos like Silver Oak Captain Jack Slot Madness or Royal Ace. Playing slots, poker, video poker and roulette are regular activities. US players are welcome on any of our partners’ sites. Ace Revenue has one of the most distinct advantages over rivals in its ability to pay lifetime commissions on each sale. When you join you can start earning 35% of revenues and you can also earn 25% of your subsidised services.

How can I become an online casino partner?

As previously stated, the affiliates are companies or people helping casinos expand their customers. If you join our affiliate program, you can see who is playing and what is playing on the site by using this link to view their results. It is an easy method which allows a gaming company to determine affiliate commission rates. Here’s a list of important steps to get started on gambling partnerships.

Build your audience

Your website should optimise SEO for a specific market, specifically casinos and gambling enthusiasts. Use a keyword that will help readers concentrate their attention. For an increased audience, provide brief informative articles explaining some casinos’ gambling options. The most important factors which allow a reader access to the information you provide are the influence of language and exclusivity.

Sign Up For Some Programs

You can enrol on a casino affiliate program if no casino has reached you yet. Choose a licensed casino with supervised gambling regulations. Below the casino homepage are the affiliate links. If you need help, fill out a form. After submitting, you’ll be given a casino affiliate card ID and password to access the account. Alternatively, you may have several affiliate programs available in your local area for your target audience.

Create content

Your site must have SEO in mind to improve your chances of reaching Google’s prime pages. Provide quality and relevant blog material to make online gambling websites easy for users to see your site. Research and use keywords to develop strong content for the website and increase the audience size. This article overviews Casino Affiliate Programs and their affiliate programs and services.