When choosing the best crypto casino, it is vital to understand the different types of casino games on offer. Casino games are typically categorised either as a game of chance or a game of skill. While all casino games can be regarded as a game of chance, some require some strategy and skill to boost your chances of winning.

It is essential to understand the rules of those games to identify which category these casino games fall into. The rules of each game determine the house edge, and that is the statistical advantage that the casino has over its players. The house edge is the casino’s payout rate to its players, and their advantage over you will ensure that you will likely walk away from the casino with less money than you arrived.

Why Is The House Edge Important For Games of Chance?

As mentioned earlier, the casino or the house has an embedded advantage, known as a house edge over any player in any casino gambling game. This house edge equates to the casino’s average profit on each bet made by a player. Some gamblers are unaware that a house edge exists and have an unwavering belief that they will profit from every visit to the casino.

Since all casino games involve the chance factor, players should play games with low house edges more often. Doing so will give them the best opportunities to strike it lucky when playing games of chance.

Game of Chance Explained

At a crypto casino, a game of chance can be described as a game whose outcome is determined by a random number generator and where a gambler must bet funds on that outcome. Some of these casino games may require a small element of skill for optimal play, but most games don’t need any level of skill to get started.

Almost all casino games can be regarded as games of chance, including Video Poker, Slots, Roulette, and a whole host of table games. Incredibly, from the plethora of casino game titles on offer online, only Blackjack and Poker can be classified as authentic games of skill where chance has a much smaller influence.

People have been playing games of chance for centuries, which is evidence that people enjoy the thrill of taking risks in games where the odds are stacked heavily against them. It is no surprise that games of chance at casinos remain the most popular amongst gamblers worldwide.


Games of Chance vs Games of Skill

Many people believe that skill games like Poker are based on chance.

There is also a mistaken belief that casino games of chance don’t require any skill. To explain, a game of chance needs luck for you to win, while a game of skill requires more of a gambler’s skills than random luck to win.

If you are playing a game of chance for an extended period, the casino’s statistical house edge will result in your inevitable loss that no skill level can overturn.

What Exactly Is a Gambler’s Skill?

Regarding gambling, skill essentially means using mathematics to your advantage. When you observe most casino games, there is minimal opportunity to use mathematics to calculate permutations as a random number generator provides the outcome.

However, with games such as Blackjack, players can use strategies like card counting to leverage an advantage over the house.

Another game where a skill would play a massive role is Texas Hold’Em Poker, where you would use your judgment based on the cards you possess and the cards on display.

With these games of skill, the game will typically favour those players who use mathematics to their advantage. Those are the same players who consistently rake in profits at the expense of those they play against.

The actual skill of a gambler is their ability to recognise when specific actions are required under different circumstances. The results of their calculated efforts will ensure that they continue to win under these circumstances.

Features of Games of Chance

Games of chance at a casino have distinguishing characteristics that separate them from games of skill. We explore the features of games of chance and how they differ from games of skill.

Ability to Alter Outcomes

When it comes to bitcoin casino games, the results are determined by a random number generator. This coded software can generate random results every time and remains fully independent of external influences. No matter how skilful a gambler may be, their actions cannot alter that game’s outcome.

Popular chance games

New players benefit from New Player bonuses that make up for their losses. This is in stark contrast to games of skill like Poker and Blackjack, where success is determined by the effective application of your gambling skills during that game. Newer players who are still learning their skills may take a while to master what they have learned and lose some money.

Quality of Opponents

Games of skill are typically played in a group setting with a minimum of two players who try their luck against the house. With these games, you usually win by beating your opponents who are playing against you. A game of chance is an entirely different scenario, as you do not have other players as your opponents. You compete only against the house that will pay your winnings and take away what you lose.


Consistency of Rules

When playing a casino game of chance, the rules of a specific game are generally consistent and uniform. No matter how long you spend playing that particular game, that game’s process never changes, and the results of that game will always be consistent with the rules.

While this appears monotonous, it can be anything but as games of chance provide hours of fulfilling entertainment with themes and styles to suit all types of gamblers. With a casino game of chance, you can place your bet, start the game and wait for the result in an organised fashion.

In terms of casino games of skill, there are multiple avenues that the game’s trajectory could take, depending on the decisions you make. Every player in that specific game of chance has many different options during that game. The combination of various players’ decisions can provide a multitude of results, therefore making it highly unpredictable.

While games of chance usually have a defined period of play, the length of play in a game of skill can be pretty erratic. Once again, this is largely dependent on each player’s actions.

Degree of Thinking Activity

No skill game

A casino game of chance can be described as more passive when compared to a game of skill. With a game of chance, your role is to place your bet and get the game into motion before seeing the result. There is a passive contribution from you when playing a game of chance, and you will either win or lose.

However, with a casino game of skill, a lot more thinking is involved in making calculated decisions that influence that game’s direction.

Variation of Excitement Level

This factor boils down to each gambler’s personality and preference for games of skill or chance. The level of excitement is very different for each category and will appeal to gamblers differently.

For those gamblers who like to explore the unknown, their preference would be games of chance where the excitement lies in the unexpected result due to random outcomes.

For gamblers who get mental stimulation from strategising and planning a route to victory, games of skill would appeal to them as their skills enable them to contemplate a path to success during the game.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Casino Games of Chance


  • Games of chance can be entertaining to play because the result is unknown and completely random.
  • There is the possibility of winning multiple jackpots while playing with low odds. Games of chance offer the highest proportion of jackpots, so there are plenty of opportunities to strike it lucky.
  • Games of chance are usually straightforward to play, and you don’t require any particular set of skills to get started.


  • Games of chance ultimately rely on luck, which means you cannot predict when success will come your way.
  • Some online casinos may not use ethical standards, and this may put you at a disadvantage. Well-known casinos such as BC.Game are recommended for their transparency and fairness to players.
  • No amount of skill will sway the outcome of a game of chance, so you cannot improve your chances of winning. Although games of chance can be fun, you do not have much control over the results.

Most Popular Casino Games of Chance


It is safe to say that slots are by far the most popular game of chance at a casino. Slots titles at bitcoin and traditional casinos usually make up approximately 80% of its offering.

Many of these slot titles include generous jackpots as well. Playing slots is extremely easy; all you need to do is place your bet and click Spin.

They come in thousands of different themes and styles to suit all types of gamblers’ personalities. A random number generator governs the outcome of each slot game. 


Roulette is another favourite at bitcoin casinos and is a classic game of chance that relies on a ball landing randomly on a spinning wheel’s numbered pocket.

There are many variations of Roulette that are all based on the premise of luck and random outcomes. While seasoned players use some strategy to try and sway the odds in their favour, the Roulette ball’s randomness ultimately decides the outcome.


Craps is one of the most loved casino games of chance that is played using dice.

There are many different bet options that players can make. Players can win large amounts multiples of their original bet size, as Craps offers generous odds on specific bet types.

The game involves throwing dice that will produce a random outcome depending on how the dice land on the table.

Each player at the Craps table will have an opportunity to throw their dice and place bets that predict the outcome of how the dice will land. Winnings can also be determined by a combination of outcomes that you may choose.


This is another casino game of chance that has a loyal following at bitcoin casinos across the globe. Baccarat is a card game where players at the table play against the banker.

The players and bankers are dealt cards, and you can place bets to determine who will arrive at a total hand score closest to 9. A random number generator decides the game’s outcome, and the unpredictability of the result keeps players coming back for more.

The Bottom Line

Playing a game of chance at a bitcoin casino can be highly reinvigorating and provide hours of online entertainment. These games don’t require much skill and are generally simple to play.

When playing games of chance, there is always the possibility of striking it big. However, it is essential to note that you should always play games of chance without expecting anything in return. The odds will always favour the house, so enjoy every moment of your gameplay and hope Lady Luck is on your side. Good luck!