While your success at gambling is traditionally regarded as being shrouded in luck, millions of gamblers around the globe believe otherwise. As casinos have evolved into digital platforms, so have the strategies that gamblers use to leverage their advantage during gambling sessions. Bitcoin casinos, like other traditional online casinos, offer an incredible variety of gambling games that all require a careful element of both skill and luck.

When looking for the best crypto casino, gamblers always flock to those platforms with games that maximize their strategy. These are most often skill games where players have more control over the outcome of the game. Having more control means that you have more opportunities to boost your bankroll, which is the ultimate aim of a gambler.

As a result, skill-based games are an extremely popular option at crypto casinos.

Chance Games vs. Skill Games

The random nature of casino games is quite familiar to gamblers who frequent bitcoin casinos. Before delving into skill-based casino games, it is important to touch on those games of chance. This will give us a clearer idea of how skill plays a factor in determining the outcome of a gambling session.

Chance Games

As the name suggests, the outcomes of these games are randomly generated by chance. No element of skill is required to manipulate the outcome, and players cannot improve their results by attempting to change their gameplay strategy.

In games of chance, random number generators usually determine the outcome of each round. Through this sophisticated software model, each result is entirely independent of previous results.

When playing games of chance, the only type of control that you will enjoy is how much you choose to bet, how fast you want the game to proceed, and how long you wish to play for.

Always remember to consider games of chance to be for entertainment purposes only. Use your budgeted funds to enjoy your session and savor any profit you make from playing as Lady Luck was on your side.

Some typical chance games that you find at crypto casinos include:

  • Lotteries
  • Scratch tickets
  • Spinning reel games on slots
  • Roulette
  • Mini-baccarat
  • Craps
  • Keno
  • Raffles
Game of Chance

Skills-Based Games

When playing skill games, players can manipulate their gameplay through the application of their learned talents. Players who have studied specific strategies and practiced certain skills usually enjoy good spells during their gambling sessions. However, no matter how much your skill levels climb, remember the house always hold the edge in any casino game you play.

One of the main reasons why skillful players can manipulate a casino game in their favor is because it is their own decisions that affect the game outcome. The result of each round cannot be determined by pure randomness. Players who are irrational and display poor decision-making skills lose more often than not. On the other hand, players with good decision-making skills have a habit of winning more often and boosting their bankrolls.

Some popular skill games at crypto casinos include:

Skill-Based Gambling and Games In More Detail


Blackjack is one of the classic casino favorite skill games that attracts talented players from all walks of life. Skill certainly plays a big part in this game as the outcome is decided by the player’s decisions at the table. Although the dealer may shuffle the cards to add a random element to the game, it is the player’s decision-making that ultimately determines the success of their gambling session.

Naturally, players who make good decisions enjoy greater profits, while those with poor decision-making skills endure a torrid session. Many Blackjack players employ either of two strategies that help them to maximize their gambling sessions. These strategies require players to skillfully determine the outcome.

Basic Blackjack Strategy

With this strategy, players can minimize the house edge that the casino holds over its players. The basic strategy comprises rules that guide players by indicating the best statistical way to play a hand. It is based on two factors which are the dealer’s up card and the player’s own cards.

Although this strategy does not guarantee a win on every single round, it does offer a player the best possible route to winning any round. Moreover, this strategy lowers your overall cost in the long-term.

Blackjack game of skill

When using this strategy, always keep in mind that this does not erase the house edge, but merely reduces its effect on your gameplay.

Top-rated casinos like BC.Game offer excellent strategy tips on their platform, and many players use these as a guide during their gameplay.  On some gambling platforms, players may even ask the dealer for recommendations on their decisions based on the basic Blackjack strategy.

Card Counting

Having been around for a long time, this strategy is tried and tested. Card counting requires plenty of skill and a lot of effort as players are expected to keep a mental observation of all cards that are dealt. The player then modifies their game plan depending on the remaining cards in the shoe.

Before players start with the card counting strategy, they should learn the basic strategy to help them navigate through the game.

Players must keep in mind that card counting strategies do not guarantee any wins as the cards in the shoe are random. This strategy does, however, give players a long-term advantage that should bring them a profit if they stick around for long enough.

When playing Blackjack at a crypto casino, card counting can become almost impossible as many casinos use multiple decks in the shoe. This, coupled with the random number generator, makes card counting a daunting task.


In stark contrast to Blackjack, players who love Baccarat, another one of the skill games, do not count cards. They typically use methods of negative or positive progressions or flat betting techniques.

With the progression strategy, players usually increase or decrease their bet size after each round. In flat betting techniques, your bet size remains consistent throughout the game. Players who are really skillful in Baccarat have a consistency rate of more than 50% when ascertaining whether the Banker or Player bet pays out.

Flat betting is a safe method when compared to the progression betting patterns that could potentially ruin your bankroll.

Sports Betting

Sports Betting Skills

Although sports betting often takes place on dedicated betting sites and not always at a casino, it most certainly is skills-based and requires a careful strategy. It is extremely popular amongst gamblers who use a combination of skill and intuition to boost their bankroll.

Players usually bet on sports like hockey, motorsport, soccer, baseball, basketball, football, tennis, and golf. They can choose single or multiple fixtures and must predict the correct outcomes for each of their bets.

Several factors must be taken into consideration when selecting your outcomes, and this is where a player’s skill comes in. Players must be able to ascertain the form, history, head-to-head record and venue, and determine the outcome based on a combination of these factors.

Besides betting on the outcome of a sporting result, players can also choose to bet Live. With Live betting, players can bet on outcomes within the game, also determined by the form, history, head-to-head record, and venue amongst other factors.

While betting on clear favorites is easier to do with sports betting, in reality, sport can become unpredictable. In light of this, gamblers tend to use their intuition to predict the outcomes of sporting events.

With sports betting, you can expect to receive about 55% of your wagers back when considering the house edge. Skilled sports gamblers, however, use their knowledge and intuition to ensure that their pockets are filled while enjoying some sport.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is another form of gambling that has attracted gamblers from across the globe for decades.

There are many permutations when it comes to horse racing, and players must use their skills to determine the outcome of the horse race. Players usually account for the horse’s form, the jockey, the venue, and the horse’s track record.

Although the odds are fixed at the beginning, they can change depending on the betting habits of the punters. Essentially, gamblers punt against themselves and not against the house. The house does, however, take a percentage of the total wagered amount.

Players use a method of handicapping where players back horses with disproportionate odds in the belief that those horses have been overlooked. This is potentially lucrative and very satisfying to a gambler when they are proven right.

Bet On Horses

The skill of handicapping can become complex as a gambler must consider the length of the track, the quality of competing horses, the weather, the skill level of the jockey, and how the horse actually performs on that day.

Punters are known to study the form book before a race meeting to make sound judgments when it comes to their bets. A combination of factors determines who they back, and those gamblers with intuitive skills are bound to meet with success at the horse racing track.


Poker Strategies

In skill games, poker players require the most skill as it is players’ decisions alone that determine the outcome of the game. Their skill is often manifested by deceiving their opponents.

One common skill that is employed is called bluffing. Players usually bluff by betting big when they are holding a weak hand. The idea behind this is to scare opponents who may have stronger hands than you into submission. Players who have stronger hands tend to surrender when big bets are placed, as they end up doubting the strength of their own cards.

Another skill is called slow play and works in stark contrast to bluffing. With slow play, gamblers bet weak or check when they are holding very strong hands. This strategy is designed to encourage opponents to up the ante at any stage of the round. In effect, gamblers lull their opponents into a false sense of security and then strike hard at the end to rake in a massive pot for the round.

Both bluffing and slow play are extremely effective in their own ways, and both are known to bring in healthy profits.

You must be aware that if you constantly bluff and keep being found out by your opponents, you need to ease off as players will take advantage of your vulnerabilities and shortcomings.

Texas Hold’Em

In variations like Texas Hold’Em, skillful players spend a lot of time calculating odds and probabilities, trying to read their opponents, and trying not to let their opponents read them. These strategies are meant for long-term success, so skillful players who stick around at the poker table are bound to realize a fruitful session.

Chance vs skill game

When playing Texas Hold’Em at a crypto casino, you have the option of playing cash games, sit and go’s, or tournaments. Poker players use slightly different skills for each type of poker game that they choose to play. While sit and go’s offer some measure of stability with your chip stack, cash games can become very profitable or lead to your ruin very quickly.

With cash games, it may take longer to read your opponents as players drift in and out of cash tables at any time. With sit and go’s and tournaments, players have more time to ascertain their opponents. These players are typically more cautious than those who play cash games, as they aim to suss out their table before employing their strategy in full.

Playing poker at a bitcoin casino also heightens your skill level as you are playing with others from around the world. This could lead to more aggressive play or may enable you to tone down until you have come to grips with your opponents.

Ultimately, your skill will surface the longer the game progresses, and your decisions determine your success at the table.

The Bottom Line

Most casino gambling games rely on random outcomes, so gamblers must use their skill to make the most of their gambling sessions.

Now that you know about some of the popular skill games, studying effective strategies will undoubtedly help in the long run. Your newly acquired skills will enable you to shift the odds in your favor.

Always remember to play within your means, remain in control, and be decisive with your strategy. Good luck!