Do you want to know how to play blackjack online? It’s an extremely popular table game, so it’s not surprising that it is widely enjoyed online and at crypto casinos. The game is relatively easy to play and requires no complicated strategies.

Gamblers who play the game enjoy it because it requires more strategy and initiative than other games. Compared to Roulette, where the outcome is random, blackjack requires players to make strategic and rational decisions to maximise their chances of winning.

No matter where you play, the rules and gameplay are essentially the same, apart from the fact that all wagers will be in cryptocurrency. With a growing number of online casinos offering bitcoin as an option for payments and wins, the popularity of online gambling is shooting up. 

The movies have created an air of glamour around blackjack, as many associates the table with winning lots of money. The reality is that most players take time to accumulate their winnings as the rules always favour the casino. As much as it is possible to win big with a few large bets, the house always has the edge.

Different Variations Of The Game

One of the reasons why gamblers flock to the tables and want to know how to play blackjack online is because there are many different variations of the game to enjoy. These variances include the number of decks at the table and the type of payouts offered. Each of these variations offers something different that appeals to various personalities and characters. 

Despite the many variations, all of the games have the same objective. Although the rules amongst the different versions are slightly amended, the objective remains to beat the dealer by getting closer to 21 than the dealer. 

The slight variations make a big difference in winning or losing, so it is important to learn the rules and carefully study the game to realise success. The following are the most popular variations of blackjack at bitcoin casinos:

American Blackjack

With American Blackjack, there are multiple hands played at the same time. There are six decks used, and this makes card counting much harder. The house edge is typically greater with this game.

European Blackjack

In European Blackjack, the dealer only uses two decks of cards. Multiple players can play hands at the same time.


Live Blackjack

This is a live game played in real-time at a bitcoin casino. There is a live dealer, and players have experience in a traditional casino. High-rollers favour this game.

Single Deck Blackjack

With Single Deck Blackjack, only a single deck is used for the game. For those gamblers who employ card-counting strategies, they would favour playing this variation.

Play Blackjack Online: Rules Of The Game

Unlike most other table games at a bitcoin casino, a player only has one opponent, the dealer, when playing blackjack. Irrespective of how many participants are at the table, your hand is only scored against the dealer. Moreover, you are not betting against your fellow players at the table.

There is not much difference when playing bitcoin blackjack compared to the traditional version, although the lack of distractions playing online will help with your decision-making process.

However, one of the differences is that most online versions have a timer used for each round. This ensures that all players at the table don’t take ages to make decisions during their gameplay. Players who are slow to react spoil the flow of the game for the other participants, who may subsequently leave the table out of sheer frustration.

The casino, having the house edge, therefore, tries its utmost to ensure that all players at the table are satisfied with the game’s flow.

The Objective

When learning how to play blackjack online, the objective is to get as few cards as possible that total 21 points or get as close as possible. The scores of the cards are as follows:

  • Any card with a numerical value will be allocated that number as points.
  • Any card with a picture, i.e., King, Queen, or Jack, will be allocated 10 points each.
  • An Ace will be allocated either 1 or 11, depending on which is more favourable to the hand. 

Blackjack is played with a 52-deck of playing cards, and the Joker is not used. The game variations may use between 2 to 8 decks of cards that are shuffled and then dealt out after each round.

Although the players’ cards will be dealt face-up for each round, the dealer’s cards will be dealt in a one-up and one-down format. This is common practice for the dealer and, contrary to popular belief, holds no real advantage to them.


Initial Round Of Dealing

With the initial round of cards being dealt, all players can decide whether getting 21 or the closest is plausible based on what the dealer’s up card shows. The dealer has a draw limit of 17 on his cards and may not continue to draw cards once he reaches or surpasses that points tally. 

Whoever draws an Ace and ten value card wins a blackjack, the ultimate score. If none of the players gets a blackjack, the dealer may win the game if he draws the Ace and ten value card. If this is the case, all participants lose to the dealer. 

If one or more players strike a blackjack, it’s a “push,” All concerned parties keep what they wagered on that round. 

If a player’s combination results in above 21, it’s a “bust,” which means the player loses the round. 

Once a dealer has 17 or more, he must stop dealing cards to himself as he has reached the dealer threshold. Any players with cards that score above the dealer’s total but below 22 will win that round. 

If a dealer begins with less than 17 points in his hand, the rules dictate that he must draw cards until he either reaches or goes over 17 or happens to bust. In some variations of bitcoin blackjack, the dealer must draw on a soft 17 score, i.e., three or more cards dealt with reaching 17, but in other variations, the dealer may stand on a soft 17 score.

Key Terms When Betting


When players ask the dealer to Hit, they want another card to be dealt. Seasoned players don’t often utter the words physically but signal a hit through the tap of their fingers or hand on the table. With bitcoin casinos, players would simply click the Hit button.


Players request to Stand when they don’t want any more cards dealt.

This could be due to a player’s good hand or the expectation of the dealer busting his hand. It’s typically done when a player scores 17 or more from the dealt cards. 

Seasoned players signal to the dealer with a slight hand wave, while those playing at bitcoin casinos will just click Stand.


When a player has a Soft 17, they are dealt cards that comprise six and an Ace. This can give a combined score of either 7 or 17, and the player incurs no risk in hitting for another card as they won’t bust.

With dealers, they always hit on their Soft 17 but are compelled to stop on their normal 17 scores. It is usually in the player’s favour to score 17 with the dealer.



This usually occurs when the cards are dealt, and after successive rounds, the combined score exceeds 21. In a case like this, the player or dealer with cards totalling more than 21 is regarded as a Bust. This usually spells the end of a losing round for the recipient of the Bust cards.


This is typically a bet that a player may make while the round is in progress. It is usually placed if a dealer has drawn a favourable Ace as the up card. The player may place half of the original bet as insurance on their chips against the dealer drawing a blackjack. This is a bet that players usually lose in the long run and contributes to the house edge that the casino enjoys. 

Seasoned players avoid taking insurance as the probabilities normally work against them. Insurance bets are considered risky and are not recommended.


Cards are usually split when they are dealt in pairs, such as a pair of Jacks. Players can split the bets into two hands by placing a second bet. The player is then in control of two sets of cards, with the dealer distributing twice the original number of cards. 

It is not always wise to split high cards like Jacks, as that combined score of 20 may win the round. 

Splitting may work to a player’s detriment if the dealer has a strong hand. The most important thing with splitting is to see the dealer’s cards and anticipate the probability of your win from there.

Double Down

When a player receives a strong card at the beginning, they may opt to double his bet on that round. They can do this hoping a second strong card will be dealt, resulting in a winning round. 

The only drawback to Doubling Down on your bet is that the dealer will only deal one more card to you. The risk is that you may be dealt a low card and give the dealer an advantage. 

Always be aware of the number of decks in the shoe when considering a Double Down bet. Whenever there are more decks in circulation, the risk of your Double Down bet is greater.

Benefits Of Playing Bitcoin Blackjack Online

There are many benefits of enjoying blackjack at a crypto casino with digital currencies such as bitcoin.

Anonymous Transactions

Those players who enjoy anonymity can be assured of privacy when playing blackjack at a crypto casino. Their information and identities are withheld from third parties such as banks, and they have the convenience of gambling with peace of mind. This is a huge drawcard for many gamblers who prefer to keep their information and identity private.

Remember that not all cryptocurrencies are completely anonymous, with Bitcoin being a pseudo-anonymous option.

Low Fees

The fees associated with bitcoin transactions are relatively low compared to other payment options at digital casinos.

Some networks offer zero transaction fees, while others work tirelessly to keep their transaction fees as low as possible. It makes sense to keep transaction fees at a minimum when making deposits and withdrawals at a casino.

Quicker Transactions

When players use fiat currencies at an online casino, the processing times for transactions are usually longer depending on the payment platform or the bank. With crypto casinos, however, the network is decentralised, and confirmation of funds is processed instantly. This means less time waiting for processing and more time to play blackjack online.

More Bonuses

Crypto casinos usually reward their players with more attractive bonuses as they benefit from the low transaction fees and zero commission associated with cryptocurrencies.

By using the cryptocurrency options, the casinos give their players exclusive bonuses that other players using fiat currencies will not qualify for.

All in all, crypto players have more opportunities to be rewarded and longer playing times to maximise their winnings.

Global Access

No single entity has a monopoly on cryptocurrency networks as they are decentralised. Players have convenient global access as they please. Since there is no central regulatory authority, anyone can access them from any location.

The Bottom Line

Bitcoin blackjack is the perfect form of entertainment for both beginners and professionals. Make sure you know the rules to play blackjack online and stick to a solid strategy. Enjoy the added bitcoin bonuses and have fun at the tables. Good luck!