Poker is one of the most exciting casino card games and is extremely popular amongst players at bitcoin casinos. Players often check to see if bitcoin poker is available when trying to find the best crypto casino.

While luck governs most games, poker is a game of skill. Consequently, this gives players more control over the outcome of their gambling session. In this guide, we’ll run through how and where to play your new favourite game.

How To Play Bitcoin Poker

One of the main reasons for bitcoin poker’s popularity is that it is easy to learn, offers great variety, and can rake in consistent profits based on your skill level. 

The rules of the game are essentially the same as the traditional version. The goal of any player is to get a better hand than their opponents at the table. 

There are several hand combinations in poker, all of which hold different values. The type of poker that you play also determines how powerful your card value is.

Card Values and Combinations

Before heading off to your table of choice, you must understand the hand rankings that define your cards’ value. Ranked from highest to lowest, you can play any of the following:

  • Royal Flush – The best card combination that cannot be beaten. Your Royal Flush will contain an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten of the same suit.
  • Straight Flush – The second-best combination, your straight flush will contain five cards of the same suit in sequence. In a tie, the higher ranking of two wins the round.
  • Four of a Kind – The Four of a Kind is where you draw four cards of the same rank. In some variations, your fifth card is your kicker and determines the winner in the event of a rare tie.
  • Full House – The Full House is a combination of three cards of one rank and two cards of another, irrespective of the suit. In the event of a tie, the highest three-card rank wins the round.
  • Flush – Any five cards of the same suit, irrespective of their sequence. In a tie, the highest-ranking card secures the win for that round.
  • Straight – five cards in sequence, irrespective of their suit. If you happen to tie this round, the highest-ranking card sequence determines which player wins that round.
  • Three of a Kind – This is achieved with three cards of the same rank, irrespective of the suit. In some variations, the fourth and fifth cards are used to determine the winner if the round is tied.
  • Two Pair – The Two Pair is where you get two cards of the same rank twice in the same hand. In some variations, the fifth card is a kicker to determine who wins if the round ends up tied.
  • Pair – The Pair is when you get two cards of the same rank. In some game variations, you will get three unrelated cards: your kickers. These may decide the winner if the round is tied.
  • High Card – The High Card is when your hand does not materialise with any combinations. The highest card out of all the opponents wins if the round is tied. The pot is split evenly if the highest card is the same amongst multiple opponents.

Game Formats Available To Gamblers

Poker players have fantastic options when deciding which format is best to play their favourite variation of bitcoin poker. They can play: 

Cash Games – The original way of playing poker. Your chips have a direct monetary value attached, and players may leave the table anytime. To join a cash table, you need to wait for a spot at the table to become available. Cash tables typically host up to 10 players. 

Sit and Go Games – A single game that usually has up to six players at the table. Players pay a specific amount to buy a stack of chips to use for the duration of that game. Players get knocked out once they finish their chips; the winner is the last person at the table with everybody else’s chips. 

Tournaments – A multi-game tournament that can be described as a succession of Sit and Go games. Players buy a stack of chips for a specific amount and accumulate chips as they progress in the tournament. There are multiple poker tables where players are gradually eliminated once they run out of chips. The winner is the last active player on the final table once everybody has been knocked out. 

Fast-Fold Poker – This is a combination of cash games and tournaments. As opposed to a single table, players are split into separate pools determined by their buy-in amount. If a player decides to fold a hand, they are paired with a different opponent. The winner is the last remaining player from the pool.

Variations Of Bitcoin Poker

When you play bitcoin poker, there are various options to choose from. Aside from the different game types, there are also variations with different game rules. Below, we touch on the top five variations of poker that can be played at a physical casino, online, or a bitcoin casino:

Texas Hold-Em

Texas Hold-Em is the most popular variation of online poker and is most often played in tournaments. It’s the easiest variation to learn and a great option for beginners.


Also known as Omaha High, this is the second most popular amongst seasoned players. It bears similarities to Texas Hold-Em as it is easy to learn, although there are differences with the number of pocket cards received.

Seven Card Stud

This variation was the most popular at one stage and was widely enjoyed by professional poker players. As opposed to other types of poker, you can see many cards in your opponent’s possession.


Razz is remarkably different from other types of poker. The goal is to get the lowest-ranked hand, which differs from other variations that usually call for the highest-ranked hand. It does provide loads of entertainment, especially if you are used to playing the traditional variations.

Video Poker

Video poker is unique because you are playing against the house and not against other players. It is based on five-card draw poker, where you are dealt five cards and can discard them to replace them with fresh cards. Winnings are usually determined by the type of combination you have at the end.


Top 6 Bitcoin Poker Sites To Play At

1. BC.Game

BC.Game has established itself as one of the most exciting bitcoin casinos. The casino’s unique games are all developed on Ethereum smart contracts and are provably fair. Furthermore, the highly secure platform offers a superb Return to Player ratio and House Edge. 

Currently, the casino has an incredible variation of bitcoin video poker available for players. Since the games are developed in-house, patrons get a unique gambling experience. An intuitive user interface adds to the experience, and the site offers other great games. 

A chat function is available on the site, so players can share their experiences, revel in the wins, and lament the losses together. 

Besides BTC, BC.Game accommodates most of the popular cryptocurrencies in circulation. There are superb bonus and promotion structures in place, which facilitate quick and efficient payouts, and players get access to 24/7 support if they need it.  

The mobile app makes it incredibly easy for gamblers to log in and catch their gameplay no matter where they are in the day.


This casino is another popular one amongst bitcoin poker players. They also accommodate players who use the cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and bitcoin. 

The casino’s headquarters are in Curacao, and uses casino software providers such as BetSoft, GameArt, Booming Games, and Spinomenal. 

Registration at is relatively seamless and takes minutes before you are up and running. It features several poker games, including Oasis Poker, Trey Poker, Triple Edge Poker, Double Jackpot Poker, Let It Ride, and Poker Caribbean. 

This casino also offers other games like slots, roulette, blackjack, and jackpot games. They have generous welcome bonuses for new players, and their deposit and withdrawal system is free.

3. Bovada

Bovada is another popular casino as it hosts one of the largest online bitcoin poker rooms and ensures enough variety to keep its players entertained. 

Besides accepting BTC, they offer players the opportunity to use traditional banking methods like credit or debit cards and bank transfers. 

Looking at their poker offering, they allow players to play Cash games, Sit and Go’s, and Tournaments. Players can play on their mobile devices, which makes it a convenient option for gamblers who aren’t always on their laptops or PCs. 

You can download Bovada’s software for a full gaming experience for those who play on their PCs or laptops.

4. Ignition

Ignition has steadily established itself in the bitcoin poker world. Players enjoy the variety of games and bonus offerings. Not only does the casino accommodate withdrawals and deposits with BTC, but also fiat currencies. Transaction fees can be steep with the traditional options, so many players opt to play with their crypto. 

Like its predecessor, Ignition offers Cash games, Sit and Go’s, and Tournaments. Tournaments are its most popular game format, and the casino hosts them every week. The main attraction to the tournaments is the guaranteed prize pool. 

Ignition also has a welcome bonus structure for new players, offering attractive buy-in bonuses for those participating in tournaments.


5. Intertops

Intertops have been around since 1996. It has firmly established itself in the online poker industry and gives players plenty of entertainment options. Formats on offer include Cash games, Sit and Go’s, and Tournaments with guaranteed jackpots to keep players interested. 

On the whole, the casino imposes restrictions on the amount you can deposit and withdraw. Due to this, it is a great option for those who are relatively new to poker. High Rollers tend to play on other platforms that enable them to leverage their bankroll a little easier. 

For those who are just starting at Intertops, freeroll games are available. This means poker players can earn real funds without committing any of their own. The casino offers new players welcome bonuses and has regular deposit bonuses and promotions to keep everyone engaged.

6. Grand Poker

Grand Poker has steadily grown in reputation and currently has a strong and loyal base of players on their platform. It enables players to make large deposits of up to US$10,000, which attracts high-rollers who enjoy this type of convenience and gameplay. Gamblers can play with their BTC and use traditional banking forms if they so wish. 

Withdrawals are usually processed within 24 hours and have an easy-to-use banking platform. Regarding their Poker offering, their players can choose between Cash games, Sit and Go’s, and several Tournaments. Their tables have an embedded chat facility that allows players to interact with others who are partaking. 

Grand Poker offers a unique incentive to players if their strong hands are not winning the round. Referred to as the Bad Beat Jackpot, if a player holding a very strong hand of Four of a Kind (with a ranking of 8 or higher) somehow ends up losing that hand, it will qualify for the Bad Beat Jackpot. Note, though, that this incentive is only available on cash games. 

The Bottom Line

Bitcoin poker is one of the most exciting forms of entertainment online. With many fantastic platforms, gamblers are spoilt for choice when playing their favourite game variation. Of course, poker isn’t the only option, so you can branch out and see what takes your fancy. 

Don’t forget to head over to BC.Game’s blog before playing to touch on your strategy. Enjoy, and good luck!