Slots are one of the most popular casino games and often make up 70% of a casino’s offering to its gamblers. It makes sense then that bitcoin slots are rising in popularity now that technology is rapidly advancing. More and more gamblers are drifting away from traditional casinos to play online and get their entertainment there.

When choosing where to play, the best crypto casino enables players to effortlessly deposit and withdraw their cryptocurrency. Gamblers can also expect a safe and fair environment to play in as the digital landscape continues to transform with blockchain-based casinos now the norm in the gambling industry.

Looking at slots – they are one of the easiest gambling games to play and don’t require much skill. They offer higher payout ratios, attractive themes to suit all types of players, innovative in-game features, and hours of engaging entertainment. Don’t believe us – check out our very own Oriental Beauties and Cave of Plunder – our patrons love them.

How Do Bitcoin Slots Work?

Playing slots at a bitcoin casino is very similar to playing at typical online casinos with the striking difference being that players can use cryptocurrency to fund their entertainment as opposed to fiat currencies.

Aside from that, essentially, the gameplay remains the same and players spin a set of reels in the hope of getting a combination of winning symbols on their payline. All symbols hold different values, and therefore offer a variety of payouts.

Before starting your game session, it is important to familiarize yourself with a few key terms that are common to an online slots dashboard:

  • your bet amount is referred to as a coin size
  • max bet is the highest possible amount you can wager on each round
  • symbols are usually images or icons that hold specific values
  • the payline is the line that determines if you have won or lost based on the combination of symbols that appear after each spin
  • the pay table chart illustrates the various payouts for the symbol combinations that could appear

Once you have selected your bet amount and level, you are ready to start your slots session and can proceed to spin the reels. Your bankroll should dictate how much you wager on each spin, and it is wise not to get carried away by betting disproportionate amounts in the hope of a big win.

Where To Play Bitcoin Slots

Different Types Of Bitcoin Slots

Bitcoin slots consist of reels and a number of rows, depending on the type and theme of game you opt to play. The traditional machines consisted of 3 reels and 3 rows, but the digital age has taken slots gaming to a whole new level. Gaming software developers have worked tirelessly to create exciting video slots that now include 3, 5, and 7 reels slots games. There are also numerous rows with hundreds of possible combinations on offer, depending on the theme of that game.

3-Reel Classic Slots

These are games that have the traditional 3 reel and 3 row appearance. The payline is typically the middle line in these games, and players must get matching symbols on this line to win.

Multi-Line Slots

These are usually associated with the 5 and 7 reel game variations. Players have the option of selecting multiple payout lines before each spin. These payout line options can go up to 50, and your bet amount will increase with each line that you add to your spin.

Although these offer greater opportunities to win, you must be aware of your bankroll as it could diminish very quickly with all the excitement of extra payout lines.

Bonus Feature Slots

Many players like to play slots games that include bonus features such as free spins, special rounds, and themed-bonus features. Players are drawn to these bonus feature slots as they offer great rewards if the bonus has been activated.

Bonus features are typically unlocked when a specific combination of special symbols appear on a payline. Together with the possibility of winning more BTC, players find bonus feature slots to be more engaging, and therefore more fun.

Progressive Slots

While the above-mentioned bitcoin slots variations have pre-determined jackpots, progressive slots usually take a small portion of each player’s bet and add it to a growing jackpot.

A key element of progressive jackpots is that you may need to bet the maximum amount for each spin to win that progressive jackpot. In light of this, this type of game is suitable for experienced players and those who have a large bankroll.

Types Of Slots

Provably Fair Technology

Many bitcoin casinos have provably fair games, which give guidance on the outcomes of the games at that casino. Players have the freedom to play with the assurance that they can verify the outcome of their gameplay through the use of blockchain technology. Although the different types of slots games vary in their operation, the manner that the results are produced in is essentially the same. This is because of a Random Number Generator that determines the outcome of each spin.

Random Number Generator

Bitcoin slots games work on a system that employs a Random Number Generator. This system is designed to provide a completely random outcome for each spin of the reels. The Random Number Generator gives transparency to a player’s experience and encourages a fair gaming session.

Payout Percentage

The payout percentage or Return to Player (RTP) also contributes to the transparency and fairness offered by a casino to its players. This payout percentage is a portion of a player’s overall bet amount that a game will return to a player over a period of time.

Most bitcoin casinos have payout percentages that vary anywhere from 80% to 99%. The percentage that the casino retains can be described as the casino’s built-in advantage and is commonly referred to as the house edge.

BTC casinos usually display the house edge on the various slots games on offer. Players who are experiencing bad runs may get offered bonuses from the casino in the form of casino credits. The casino can track a player’s payout percentage and will use their discretion when awarding bonuses to players on downward spirals at their slots session.

Reviews: 5 Great Bitcoin Casinos For Slots

Online Casino Reviews

1. Bitstarz

Bitstarz is a popular casino that offers a great range of slots games. They accept most cryptocurrencies, together with traditional payment methods. The interface is easy to use, and they have a solid bonus offering for gamblers.

2. 7Bit Casino

7Bit Casino has a great variety of bitcoin slots games to suit all types of players. They offer new players Free Spins bonuses upon signup and accept various common cryptocurrencies along with traditional payment options as well. Note that there are restrictions on players from the US, UK, Italy, France, and Israel.

3. Fortune Jack

Fortune Jack is a provably fair BTC casino that entered the digital space in 2014. It offers a selection of slots games and has decent bonus options for the players. They accept many popular cryptocurrencies, and their offering includes table games.

4. CloudBet

Cloudbet has been around since 2015 and offers a number of bitcoin slots games, together with a variety of table games. They accommodate players who use many popular cryptocurrencies.

Slots are not their biggest drawcard, however, as Cloudbet is known for their live sports betting.

5. BC.Game

BC.Game has risen exponentially in popularity since its inception. It offers a unique selection of exciting slots games that are developed in-house.

Its games are provably fair, and they accommodate a large variety of cryptocurrencies. They provide expert guidance on bitcoin slots strategy and insight through their comprehensive blog as well.

Tips For Beginners

Although you cannot predict the outcome of your gambling sessions, there are some techniques that you should employ to ensure that you have a great experience.

  • Enjoy the moment. Slots are a form of entertainment, so choose a theme that you like and embrace your gameplay.
  • Watch your bankroll. Always monitor how much you are spending, together with your wins and losses.
  • Walk away when you win big. With the casino house edge always against you, it is wise to walk away whenever you make a profit.
Slots Tips For Beginners

The Bottom Line

Bitcoin casinos continue to attract players to their games due to their simplicity and exciting selection. Bitcoin slots are relatively easy to play and have proven to be very entertaining. No special set of skills or strategy is required, and players would just need to set their bet levels and spin the reels. The variety of themes ensure that players are sure to find one that resonates with their character.

The prospect of winning while being entertained is certainly an exciting one, but you must always keep in mind that bitcoin slots are a form of gambling. In light of this, you must approach the game responsibly by respecting your bankroll when you are entertaining yourself. Make sure to walk away when it’s not your day, and enjoy the spoils when you are on a winning run. Good luck!