In life, everyone believes that they deserve a fair shot. For crypto gambling, the stakes couldn’t be higher. A fair casino provides everyone with a chance to enjoy the best crypto games that the game is not already rigged against them. Anything short of a provably fair crypto casino algorithm clouds the credibility of an online casino. In a simple sentence, to be provably fair means that the casino algorithm can be analysed and verified for fairness on the service operator’s part. Read on to know what does it mean for a crypto casino to be provably fair?  

Provably fair algorithms increase the confidence of those involved in crypto gambling that they are not getting shortchanged. It is usually achieved with open-source algorithms that deploy random seed generation, hashing, and random number generators. It can also be applied in giveaways, contests, and digital treasure hunts. 

In this era of Bitcoin gambling games, gamblers need provably fair algorithms like that of BC.Game. Accordingly, gamers enjoying Blackjack, Dice, or Bitcoin Crash will be assured that they have just as much chance as they give themselves. 

Consider the following parameters to choose a provably fair crypto casino:

Utilising Quality Software Developers 

Crypto gambling casinos that use reputable online software developers will likely produce a safe and provably fair system. The software that powers slot machines, online tables, and other aspects of the online casino must be secure and have fair odds. 

The Types of Games on Offer 

Choose an online casino that offers various games with odds that make sense to have a better chance. Elite casinos offer many standard games with reasonable odds. A crypto gambling site that runs games with odds that deviate from the normal by too much should be a red flag. 

The Security of the Site

Decent gaming sites take security seriously. Cryptocurrency is a uniquely attractive asset for hackers seeking to compromise wallet security and steal customer funds. Therefore, a crypto gambling casino prioritising security will likely be provably fair. This security starts with the low-hanging fruit, such as having a secure web address, domain name, and the like.  

Their Deposit and Withdrawal Protocols

Withdrawals and deposits are the lifeblood of an online casino. This is another one of those parameters that can either boost confidence or raise serious concerns. Legitimate online casinos offer multiple withdrawal and deposit methods for customers to utilise. Conducting due diligence to verify that their systems work and are efficient is worth the effort. A casino that works with various banking institutions and does not have unnecessary bottlenecks to the withdrawal process is likely to be a provably fair crypto casino. 


Compliance with Any Regulations/Registration Requirements 

Online casinos have registration or regulatory requirements depending on their jurisdiction. A business registered in a particular country is more likely to try and comply with the law. There is a good chance that a casino that operates in a structured regulatory environment will seek to run a provably fair algorithm. Unregistered casinos without an official domain name have little accountability when the rubber meets the road. It is one parameter to consider before getting in on the action. 

Go Through the Terms and Conditions and About Us Pages

A company’s terms and conditions may seem like laborious legal junk but often state precisely the legal relationship between the casino and a customer. Terms and conditions will often contain all kinds of disclaimers, but reputable companies usually state their commitment to protecting user data, security, and provably fair gaming. Such checks can be crucial in seeing a casino’s commitment to creating a provably fair gaming system. Unfortunately, most people on the internet never bother with the terms and conditions and privacy policies of the websites they browse. Such a lax attitude can leave a person without recourse in a setting that provides little accountability. 

Read Any Available Independent Reviews

The internet is full of hot air. Most entities will give a lionised impression of their capabilities. For instance, go through any independent Ethereum casino reviews to see how their analysis of the crypto casino pans out. These are often experienced gamers who can tell an elite casino from one that is shady. Reviews also take into account customer complaints. You could even discover issues with payments and withdrawals or other issues that are not readily apparent from reviews. The information from independent reviews added to personal research can form a basis for making an objective opinion about a crypto gambling platform. 

To Wrap It Up

Society has traditionally had a sceptical view of gambling. However, this perspective can be challenged in the era of modern technology and verification systems. Users getting acquainted with an online casino can use the parameters above to determine which crypto casinos are legitimate. The fact that crypto gambling wholly relies on software algorithms makes it easier to audit as a provably fair exercise.  

Before depositing funds in a casino, conducting research to guarantee the equality of opportunity that should underpin everything in life does no harm.