From the most played games to the monetary growth of the market, gambling has quickly become the most successful entertainment one can find. In this casino statistics report, we will provide you with all you need to know to make the right move with our guide to gambling statistics. 

What Type Of Gambling Is Most Prevalent?

What casino game best suits come down to personal preference, and although each player is different, there are groups of games and gambling options that gain more traffic than others. 

Although one may think Slots come out on top, it’s not the case. The game that reigns in the gambling world is lotteries. With 89% of all gamblers having taken part in a lottery. The gambling types to follow include card games (87%), gambling games (76%), and slot machines 75%

Is The Online Gambling Industry Growing?

By looking at player behaviour, online and land-based gambling is growing, with increased spending and player popularity. The statistics provided by research analysts show that the online gambling and betting sector is set to expand, with an annual CAGR of around 10.9% between 2022 and 2028.

Online Gambling Statistics

Now let’s look at the big stats of gambling and the prediction for the future of gambling. World gambling statistics show that an average of 26% of the global population gamble fairly regularly. It accounts for a total of 1.6 billion people worldwide indulging in the activity. At least 4.2 billion people gamble once a year worldwide. 

In the UK alone, a study shows that 17% of the population gamble online, which equates to £5.3 billion in revenue for the online market alone. As for the US, in 2016, only 3% of a population of 4.2 billion admitted to gambling regularly. Since then, this number has climbed dramatically, with revenue of $306.5 earned in 2018 alone.

With these numbers rolling in, it is surprising to learn that the US is not the largest gambling country in the world. 

Online Gambling Statistics.

Countries That Gamble The Most

Although everyone seems to think the US is the world’s gambling capital, it’s not, and to top it off; it doesn’t even rank in the top 4. Although the Vegas Strip holds a considerable portion of land-based gambling in the US, online gambling isn’t as popular as elsewhere. Here is a list of the top four gambling countries based on losses per adult.

RankCountryGaming Losses Per Adult

Some of the top countries are surprising, with Australia and Singapore as the top 2. Contributing to the growth of the market is the demand for sports betting. 

With more and more people getting invested, sports betting revenues have increased as well as casino betting, with a 69% increase between 2019 and 2020 alone. Market value in the gambling sector in the US is set to rake in $44 billion in 2022. 

Is It Possible To Make A Living Off Online Casino Gambling?

The short answer to this question is yes, technically! Becoming a professional casino streamer is an option for those with the skill, charm and commitment. Another alternative is becoming a live poker player. 

Something to keep in mind before starting is that there is a chance for loss, and you will need financial support to fund your career until you hit those big wins, which may be few and far between. For some streamer or professional play advice, check out some of the big names in the game.

What Sports Are Most Gambled On At Online Casinos?

Football is one of the wealthiest and most watched sports. That is why so many online players bet on the matches. From game outcomes to live game betting, Football provides the perfect set-up for entertainment and rewards. Other popular sports to bet on are Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, and a few others. Another popular option amongst US bettors is US or Canadian football.

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