If you think you can understand buying ten dollar bills for five dollars or shopping for a good deal, then you are capable of becoming a Rule 1 investor. The question is, how much time will it take? Well, the truth is, it depends. Today I’ll explain how much time to put aside for investing.

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  1. Fred is correct. At first, it will feel like a lot of work. I watched and completed all the homework before attending a workshop. I even watched each video twice and took notes. After the workshop, I continued my education and it is still more work but nothing more than taking an on-line class. However, I will make much more money in the end that another college degree! Thank you 1,000 times Team Phil. ~Tony

  2. Go to rule one investing.com then listen to the podcasts of Phil and his daughter and if you feel this is for you sign up and attend his transformational week end, a word of advice study study and study again the home work before attending the work shop it will change your life it is priceless I have been twice and want to tell anyone that shows the least amount of interest to learn from Phil and friend, best people you will ever meet, keep on keeping on brother


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