Water polo is a sport that most people wouldn’t readily relate to. However, more people than you would assume have played various forms of this sport in their lifetime. Actual water polo is a competitive sport with international tournaments. BC.Game is adding water polo betting for fans and general betting enthusiasts to explore. Online sports betting is incredibly efficient with online betting platforms. The widespread use of smartphones and internet connectivity has made betting in real-time easy. Users install an app or visit a site like BC.Game and place or track multiple bets simultaneously. 

An introduction to Water Polo

Water polo is a sport that resembles handball played in the water. It originated as an amateur pastime but has gained professional aspects over the decades. The game’s passing resembles that of horseback polo, hence the name. Teams consist of seven active players. The teams distinguish themselves by wearing different colours of caps, mostly blue or white, with goalkeepers wearing different colours. Notably, the International Amateur Swimming Federation is the principal regulatory body for this sport, with the International Water Polo Committee playing an oversight role. Within the game, there are two referees and two goal judges. The sport has a level of physicality, and the players must be in excellent physical shape. The legendary matchups between Hungary and the Soviet Union in the 1950s offer context for how rough the sport was. Regardless, modern sport has evolved to incorporate fouls for overly aggressive play. Professional water polo players must be able to move in the water effortlessly. The pool is relatively deep, at least 2 meters, and manoeuvring in water requires a fair amount of strength. Additionally, players must deploy a level of strategy common to soccer or basketball to score goals at the end of the pool. Therefore, the players coordinate offence and defence to win.  

Main Water Polo Competitions

These are the main Water Polo competitions online gamblers should closely follow: 

  • The Olympics – Without a doubt, the Olympics is the biggest stage for water polo players. It was one of the first Olympic Games in the early 1900s and has maintained its record of attracting many participants. Betting on water polo in the summer Olympics is an attraction because the strength of countries is easier to assess.
  • FINA water polo World Cup – This tournament also has an international dimension. Germany hosted the most recent edition, with Hungary winning the game.
  • The water polo European Championships is a biannual tournament for European nations. 
  • Water Polo World League – This annual tournament involves top water polo nations competing. 
  • Water Polo Euro League – The Euro League, is an excellent club competition held annually on the continental scene. 
  • Water polo national leagues – Several countries have vibrant national leagues. The Italian and Spanish water polo leagues are some of the most popular bettors.

Water Polo Betting Types on Online Gambling Platforms

The most direct form of betting is predicting the winner of a specific match. Water polo is different from football in that a tie outcome is rare. Therefore, predicting the winner is friendlier because two rather than three outcomes are more likely. Alternatively, you can bet on the winner of the whole tournament. The outright winner bet has decent odds because of how unpredictable tournaments can prove. However, there are the usual suspects like Hungary, the United States, and Italy, one of which is likely to come home with the goods. Over and under bets are also available. It is possible to bet live on over/under, making it a popular betting market for fans.

Additionally, handicap betting is an option. Among the teams sizing up, there is one considered an underdog. For handicap betting, the underdog has an advantage regarding goals or metrics used to set the handicap market. You win depending on the bet if the underdog team retains the stipulated edge or the stronger team exceeds their expected deficit. 

How to Analyze Bets on Water Polo Competitions

Most people would not know the first thing about water polo rules. There are few available analysts and reliable statistics online. Therefore, you should take the initiative and do additional research into teams before going on an expedition. With intelligent analysis, your betting life is more manageable. It would be dumb to expect to win every bet, but analysis ensures decisions come from the point of knowledge. There is plenty to know about players, team form, historical matchups, strategy, etc. Professional water polo is more than just people passing and wrestling in the water. Knowing even mundane details like the form of the goalkeepers can be a deal-breaker. National leagues can be pretty tough to get right. The advantage of national tournaments is that you have decades’ worth of material to analyze.

Events like the Olympics come once every four years, and waiting for them to wager is not too exciting. Nonetheless, national leagues are the most frequent and all-around the year. Therefore, take stock of individual players when betting on national leagues to provide insight when betting on international tournaments because they will often be the same personalities.  

Water Polo Betting on BC.Game

Betting on water polo is straightforward on the BC.Game site or mobile app. All you need to do is sign up and deposit some crypto into your account. Betting using crypto bypasses traditional financial institutions and offers more anonymity. This sport is potentially lucrative. You can either be a fan only getting started or a seasoned bettor looking to try a new sport. This sport has plenty of opportunities once you grasp the teams. Regardless, you must always be conscious of the responsible gambling ethos before starting.