How the Federal Reserve (FED) & Interest Rates Move the Stock Market

Hey! It’s Sasha Evdakov it’s September 17th and welcome to the Rapid Recap. This week’s lesson is how the Federal Reserve or also known as the FED and interest rates move the stock market.

Now I love doing these Rapid Recaps because I feel like you get so much knowledge, information and insight about the markets because when I first started trading it was not any of this YouTube going on there wasn’t a lot of videos in fact the internet was a lot less bandwidth. I remember still when I had to use dial up to connect to the internet.

A lot of things were very static so I didn’t really understand or have a lot of Education around to learn number one what the Federal Reserve did but more importantly what it did in terms of how it move the markets and then taking it a step further. What I should be doing with my stocks or my positions based on the federal reserve so how should I be positioning myself.

You might be wondering the same thing especially if you’re new to the Rapid Recap if you’ve just joined me maybe just started trading a month or two ago. So you might not understand how the Federal Reserve plays a role in the stock market and I will tell you it plays a pretty heavy role in terms of the big boys the institutions and how they purchase or sell stocks in companies.

The Federal Reserve is pretty powerful in the sense of moving money in the control of supply and demand of money but really they can only do one thing to simplify things they’re either raising or lowering the supply of money and that’s what they do with interest rates so they can hike or cut interest rates and that’s what they do.

This week’s recap is really focused on the Federal Reserve or the FED and about interest rates and how they move the stock market. So that’s what we’re going to start with today.

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