How the Stock Market Plays Tricks on You!

Welcome to this week’s Rapid Recap and today we’ll talk about How the Stock Market Plays Tricks on You. It’s July 9th 2015 and I’m Sasha Evdakov.

Now today I won’t talk about every single trick that the market plays on you but we’ll get into some basic psychology and how things work in terms of the mental tricks they get played on you when you’re trading when you’re looking at the market when you’re looking at the charts. I will touch base on that with just one or two a couple different stocks that will look at.

We’re not going to do a ton of picks today we’ll just talk about conceptual things and where the market is. With that in mind I do want to let you know that next week Tuesday we will have the launch of that computer course which is multiple hours.

It’ll be absolutely free about selecting the right computer parts for your trading workstation and the only reason we didn’t put on this week was because we had already a video in the queue on schedule to be launched and released automatically.

All that stuff really it gets released automatically. I uploaded I do it and once it’s on there I don’t really look at it that much more except with a few comments if somebody leaves a comment then I really appreciate the comments and I’ll write back to the comments but I don’t really check the videos anymore or anything like that and my assistant handles all the other things that go along with posting it on the website and so on.

Next week that one is scheduled so that’ll be launched and that is basically like three courses, multiple hours about selecting the right stock market computer some of other parts I use and all that good stuff. We’ll release that absolutely free for the newsletter members and if you’re not on it you can get on the newsletter when the time comes if you’re not on it already.

Also the book the book actually is out and available so the book that I’m talking about is I this one right here the 245 Money Making Stock Charts setups: Profiting from Short trading. I did have this earlier about 245 Money Making Stock Charts setups: Profiting from Swing Trading. All the positions in this book or the charts were to the upside and you know some people were wondering well you know there weren’t any charts for swing trading to the downside and that’s actually because I’ve planned ahead.

I knew that I wanted to release couple of books in a series so we did this one for profiting for swing trading to be upside because again you’ll make more money usually going to the upside than the downside. A stock can run much higher to the upside than it can to the downside but if you only know one way to trade then you still will have limits to your trading so that’s why I planned for this release for this 245 Money Making Stock Charts setups: Profiting from Shorting. This book is actually active on my panel for the box and I hit the button to launch it.

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