In the past decade or so, Baccarat was very much in the shadow of its more popular cousin, Blackjack. However, Crypto gambling has given Baccarat a new avenue to reclaim its lost glory. Crypto Baccarat is an exciting opportunity for online gamers to play and possibly make a profit.

This opportunity is part of an array of Bitcoin gambling games available on platforms like BC Game. Be it the Bitcoin Crash game, Dice, Roulette, or any other game, there are endless options for online crypto gaming. A person enjoys the best crypto games with certain advantages.

They include faster withdrawals, playing anonymously, and lower fees. Baccarat is certainly poised to compete favorably given how much of an expansive reach crypto gambling games have. On some forums, the term Punto Banco may be used interchangeably for Baccarat.

How to Play Baccarat, One of The Best Crypto Games

How to Play Baccarat
How to Play Baccarat

The only difference between traditional Baccarat and crypto Baccarat is that you wager Bitcoin instead of fiat currency. Baccarat has a history and sophistication; it was originated in the European upper class. 

Essentially, Baccarat involves comparing cards, much like Blackjack. In each round of the game, a player tries to have the highest-scoring hand. The highest score a player can get is 9.

The player gets scores by adding their card points together. Notably, for scores that are ten or above, the player gets ten points subtracted. Players compete against the banker/dealer. The start of each round is called a coup, with the player and the banker each getting two cards. 

If the player and banker get a score of 8 of 9, the coup is over and if the player is ahead, they win. The game operates under table drawing rules called “tableau.” This may sound complicated, but the rules are relatively easy to memorize once a person starts playing regularly. Like every skill, it cannot be explained exhaustively without getting hands-on experience.

Baccarat is different from Blackjack primarily on betting options. For Blackjack, the player is betting on themselves to win. For Baccarat, one can either bet on themselves, the dealer, or a tie. Blackjack has got more popular because it is perceived to prioritize strategy more. In Baccarat, the strategy is involved to some extent but it is primarily a matter of placing bets on whichever side you deem has a better shot of coming out on top.

This game is quite automated and a player doesn’t have to remember everything from the get-go. Blackjack seems to give the player more power but Baccarat is easier to play for a beginner in crypto gambling.

The three-way betting gives a player more options. A player betting on the house usually has to pay a certain amount of commission. The house edge is usually fairly low with the tie bet typically having the highest odds. Different platforms offer slightly differing odds.


There are different strategies when playing Baccarat.  Some of the more common include:

  • ‘Follow the Shoe’

Follow the show is a familiar strategy among gamblers in general. It is simply betting on the hand that has won previously. The idea is to catch a hot hand when it strikes. Winning often happens in streaks, and there is a distinct possibility of capitalizing on a winning hand.

  • ‘Know the Odds’

When playing Baccarat, a player can bet on three outcomes. Each possible outcome has odds that a player can wager on. The banker/house typically has a better probability of winning but a low house edge. A player can decide to wager based on these odds and come up with a winning formula.

  • ‘Best-Case Scenario’

The Best-case scenario works as follows: a player bets only 1 unit in the first round. If they get lucky, they have two units.  To those two units, the player adds another unit and wagers these on the second round. A win in the second round gives the player 6 units. After the second round, it is prudent to keep four units and wager two units in the next round. The idea is to keep building on your initial wager, and having some insurance after the third wager.

  • ‘1-3-2-6 Winning Strategy’

This strategy resembles the best-case strategy in terms of building up. At all times, the player does not risk any more than 2 units. This means that you progressively wager 1, 3, and 2 units on the first three rounds. For the fourth hand, wager six units. This fourth round is a deal-breaker that can see the player win 12 units and have a net profit of 10 units.

The Big Picture

There is no single strategy that guarantees to win in Baccarat. In practice, players often blend strategies or fine-tune their own as they play. 

Baccarat is a fun pastime but can be lucrative if you get a hot hand. Even though it is impossible to always control your luck, you can have a say in how you play the game.