Keno is a simple game of chance and one of the best crypto casino games. By following a few rules and strategies, you can maximise your chance of success. The gameplay is easy, and even the most novice casino players can win big. It’s an underrated game, which can yield some excellent payouts. Let’s look at how to play Keno casino games, but first, where did it all come from? 

What Is Keno?

This top online casino game is a lottery-style game offered at online casinos and some state lotteries. Like bingo, Keno is derived from guessing numbers drawn in some way, shape, or form. The player will need to guess the numbers they believe will be drawn accurately, and the more numbers selected, the higher the winnings. The game has strong roots in history (find out more about that below) and continues to be a wildly popular success. 

History of Keno

The exciting online casino game has roots dating back to the ancient days of China. The name is believed to have French or Latin roots, as the French word ‘quine’ means “five winning numbers”, while the Latin word ‘quini’ is translated to “five each”. However, it is China where it all began. Legend has it that the game saved an entire Chinese village during a war and was later used to help raise funds to build the Great Wall of China. It is believed that after the Portuguese government of Macau started granting lottery operators licenses, the game took off. 

The results from games were sent to neighbouring villages and hamlets via carrier pigeons, which gave the game its name ‘báigē piào’, literally translating to “white dove ticket”. The name is pronounced “baak-gap-piu” in Cantonese, which leads to the Western spelling of ‘pak-ah-pu’ / ‘pakapoo’. Chinese immigrants then took the game to the US in the 19th century. The game’s name then evolved into ‘boc-hop-bu’ and ‘puck-apu’. By 1866 the game had enjoyed widespread adoption and was particularly popular in Houston, Texas, where it became known as Keno. While the game remained the same, it certainly has a colourful history regarding how the name developed.  

How to Play Keno? 

Keno players have to choose 1 to 10 numbers from a table between 1 and 80. The numbers are drawn, and you win based on how many of the numbers you’ve chosen are part of the draw. In classic Keno games, balls with numbers printed are placed in a transparent container. The container is spun until 20 are drawn. After the players choose their numbers, the drawn numbers are called. And this is how the winners are determined. Payouts range based on how many of your numbers are the same as the drawn numbers. The more numbers you have that match, the bigger your payout will be. Payouts will differ according to the platform you’re playing on. Some online casinos allow players to choose up to 20 numbers, but the common practice is up to 10. Ensure you check out the rules of the specific game you’re playing to see which ones apply to you. Beating the House  The outcome of a Bitcoin Keno game is completely random, but there are playing styles you can adopt to help you maximise your chances of winning. Winning is more about luck than strategy, but you should manage your bankroll effectively, as this will make your chances of a good payout more likely. There are three basic principles to follow to help you beat the House:  

  • Deposit as much as you can afford to lose. 
  • Use bonuses to your advantage to help you win the game. 
  • Bet consistently. Don’t try to compensate for losing with larger bets. 

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The Wonderful World of BC.Game

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Win Big With Keno at BC.Game 

So there you have it! Winning big at the Keno casino game is more about luck than strategy, but you can do a few things to maximise your chances of winning. Play Bitcoin Keno at BC.Game casino with a 1% house edge, and see the payouts roll in. Good luck!