How Volume Affects & Plays a Role in Stock Prices

Hey this is Sasha Evdakov and welcome to another episode of let’s talk stocks, episode number 66. I decided to number some of these episodes now so we can easily reference them in the future and now that we have a podcast, it’s just a good way to reference them rather than referencing the title so just makes things a little bit easier in the future.

Even though we’ve done probably a couple hundred of these episodes in the past, you can go back and look at them. But the more important ones, the longer ones, we decided to go ahead and number though, so people can easily reference them.

In this week’s episode, episode 66 we’re going to discuss how volume affects and plays a role in stock prices or how it moves that stock market or the specific stock that you are watching.

This kind of references episode 65 “the cause and effect ripples in the stock market”, so if you haven’t watched that episode posted on December 17th, 2015, make sure you go back and actually watch that because they kind of will work together.

In this episode that’s what we’re going to hone in and focus on, because I’ve had a few questions over the holidays that asked me about volume. Even though we’ve done this subject before in detail, I’m going to go over it again in detail.

We won’t go in as much detail as we do in the courses of course, but we will go in detail about how it really plays a role and why it plays a role, so that’s what I’m going to cover. So at least you get an idea of why it’s important.

Hopefully over the last few weeks you had a great time over the holidays, maybe a little bit of a mental shift or break, maybe you got a chance to spend some time with the family. For me personally, I find that the holidays are always really busy.

It used to be, when I was a lot younger, I could just relax and enjoy the holidays much more but I guess as you age and get older, there’s a lot more things that you actually have to do for the holidays and I find it sometimes overwhelming but nevertheless once they are over that last week right before new year, I find it’s a lot more peaceful and more relaxing.

Hopefully you got some time to think, for us we got a chance to go to Canada, and typically we like to go up north, and see the families up there, and I spent some time in the winter areas doing some winter activities and festivities, when it’s colder and when it’s warmer we go back down to Florida and I spent some time over there. So in either case that was kind of what we did over the summer months, here coming up on vacation.

I guess around easter time we’ll be going to Florida, but nevertheless hopefully wherever you are, whether you’re in the United States, whether your overseas, you just had a nice holiday break from the markets, and hopefully when you came back the cause and effect, what’s going on right now, what’s happening didn’t shock you too much, hopefully that you were prepared for it.

With that being said and that in mind, let’s dig deeper into this lesson because it’s an important lesson to really understand how things move in the markets and how things behave.

Trading during holidays
To do some insight for you regarding the holidays, typically what I do when I’m on holiday, and it just depends on my focus and how much focus I can have on the stocks, typically I’m out all of my positions, meaning I don’t hold my positions if I cannot watch them.

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