Insane #Bitcoin β€œDouble Bubble” scenario! Can $BTC realistically see these types of gains in such a short period of time? Yearly lows compared, altcoins vs BTC, Andrew Yang $LTC, Ripple MoneyGram rumors, crypto news, and more!

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0:11 Markets 〽️
6:13 Bitcoin Double Bubble Theory 1:
8:58 Bitcoin Double Bubble Theory 2:
11:09 Bitcoin lows:
12:20 How much is your portfolio in alts?
14:07 Andrew Yang meets Charlie Lee:
14:47 Bitcoin will pump because of trade wars?
16:28 India crypto ban?
17:28 Ripple x MoneyGram rumors:
18:33 Coinbase Wallet x ENS:
18:44 ? Unstoppable Domains β–Ίβ–Ί
19:16 Elrond (ERD) update:
19:42 Working products will pave the way:
23:18 Bitcoin outperforms Trump, Telsla, Kardashians in searches:

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Bitcoin Has Never Seen a Bear Market? SEC Jay Clayton: Crypto Is NOT Like Stocks!

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