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Episode 76: Is HEX Legit or a Scam? A Special Interview with HEX Founder Richard Heart

We were very excited to have Richard Heart on the show this week to discuss HEX. We hope we were able to clear up some of the questions that people had about this project. We also discussed the passing of Kobe Bryant, TRON’s reaction to his death, Celsius Token, & we make our Super Bowl picks.

This week on Beards and Bitcoins:

Today we discussed the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant. BitBoy has been particularly affected because Kobe was his childhood hero and favorite athlete. We talk about all that Kobe meant to the world.

Token Time this week features Celsius Token $CEL –

Celsius has now added compound interest for all people earning interest with their lending platform. Also, BitBoy discusses the importance of lending platforms in a bull market.

This week for News Break.. we discuss the reaction of TRON founder Justin Sun to the passing of Kobe Bryant. Many people said his Twitter post was tacky, but BitBoy explains why he doesn’t believe it is. JChains brings up Nike’s post and shows its similarities and how no one critiqued Nike.

For Manspreading today, the boys give their Super Bowl picks. BitBoy is taking the Chiefs and JChains is taking the 49ers. We will put a poll up on the @BeardsBitcoins twitter page for followers to vote on.

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Celsius Token

Alex Mashinsky

Lending Platforms

Kobe Bryant

Los Angeles Lakers

Dale Earnhardt

Princess Diana

Justin Sun


Super Bowl

San Francisco 49ers

Kansas City Chiefs


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