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Ripple Avoids Securities Question in Motion to Dismiss XRP Lawsuit

Binance Lists a Mimblewimble-Based Beam

CME Group Is Launching Bitcoin Options Early in 2020

Bitwise Submits Massive Bitcoin Report to SEC, Says Market Is Ready for an ETF

Bitwise Submits Massive Bitcoin Report to SEC, Says Market Is Ready for an ETF

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  1. Challenging the standing of a plaintiff is common practice, as no procedure can go forth if the plaintiff does not have it. There are already a vast number of legal cases brought before various courts that have to be dealt with. It is only reasonable that law protect itself by describing its rules of procedure for plaintiffs. If these rules are not met by plaintiff, then he should "go back to the drawing board" or concede that his issue, if it is to be tested in court, must be pursued by another plaintiff.

  2. Ripple let this case go ahead and escalated it to Federal level when the plaintiff did not want to. They did that as they wanted a Federal court ruling to clarify it. This has now changed a year later as XRP is being used and there is more regularity clarity, they no longer a need to have it declared a security or not.
    There is no longer a need to win this case in court, now they just want to get it out the way. They are now using the argument they should have used from the very first day: the plaintiff never bought XRP from Ripple, he bought it from a third party. Why do you think they did not use these set of arguments in their very first response?

  3. Big whoopie! If you know how law suits work, then you know u always try to motion for dismissal based on technicalities and proper filling first. If you have to fight it in court it costs tens of thousands of dollars.

  4. I invest in all crypto .Xrp, litecoin, Tron , etherum and so much more even Phoenix coin which is my intuition.I can carless on what everyone says.I believe in crypto and I know this is the future one of my investments will prevail.O currently hold 33 coins and will continue to invest regardless of anything I hear on YouTube. Altcoin Daily I have been here for a year now and I listen and research.Keep up your work it is much appreciated.

  5. As influencers in this space, you two need to start acting more responsibly. As a holder of BTC and a handful of other alts (including a small amount of XRP), I can objectively state that the volume and proportion of negative videos you put out regarding XRP are starting to seriously damage your integrity. You try to come across as impartial, but it's clear to anyone that has followed the channel for any length of time (XRP army or otherwise) that you have a vested interest in the failure of XRP. Don't get me wrong… I don't believe that your videos will have the effect you hope they will, but you are misleading those that turn to you for objectivity. Shame.

  6. maybe you cd watch To the lifeboats video "is Ripple a security" in which he proves in the first five minutes that the first thing the motion to dismiss adresses is the fact that XRP is NOT a security !!

  7. Ripple sorted this problem in 2017 with the appointment of Ben Lawsky to the board. Former Superintendent of financial services for the state of New York, Creating that Bit Licence everyone is trying to get. Im sure they've nutted out those little details they've had to.

  8. Is xrp is a security?? We shall see. Not sure coinbase would be listing xrp if it was considering they want to be seen as a compliant big time mature player and if SEC wanted to set an example to the space surely slapping top 3 cyrpto like xrp on the wrist would be a massive statement. My opinion is so what? just means its open to be traded on securities exchanges.. Nyse etc.. Big boys likly in bed with xrp so I think whatever it will probably be just fine.

  9. In regards to Bitwise… Looks promising if you read the original proposal. Vaneck has insentive to keep pushing gold. ? Remember CBOE stopped offering Bitcoin futures… ?Bitwise on the other hand is super bullish on crypto. ?

  10. In Ripple's motion to dismiss the securities lawsuit against them many are saying they aren't addressing the securities question. well duh, they don't need to as
    to the lifeboats channel sam
    brought out in his latest video. It was already sorted out 4 years ago NOT A SECURITY

  11. They didn't need to address securities issue in this case because this case is over before it began. Nothing here has changed anything, the government will decide this. Looking at how XRP is working with regulators and hiring some key figures its obvious it's most likely not going the bitcoin maxipad whiners way. BTC failed and will not replace a currency, BTC has an identity crisis. Ripple issmarter than you and the average investor. You don't open a case within an irrelevant one.

  12. The corrupt minipulation through our financial markets is due to fiat currency. No markets can clear and there is no price discovery because certain parties control the supply of worthless paper that valuable items are assessed at. The futures markets are at the behest of the individuals with infinite worthless dollars. Gold is great but it will never break the futures market because the futures market is the most effective way to transfer, essentially, thousands of pounds of anything around the world to small offices in big cities multiple times a day for one thousandth the cost of physical delivery. The crypto market will break the futures market. Not only because it is non-fiat money but because it is more efficient than the futures markets. It can be shipped around the world 24/7/365 faster and more frequent than the futures market allows for zero or a fraction of the cost. It makes the futures markets obsolete. The only problem is the current futures market for Bitcoin is that it is settled in fiat. When crypto futures are settled in physical delivery it will allow for price discovery across the whole house of cards and expose the falsities that have persisted for 100 years.

  13. It was all designed to keep us guessing to get regulation in place. Notice how nobody talks about xrp in the media? When somebody intentionally keeps xrp out of the news something is up.


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