? What a Year.
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☄️ Time-stamps!
01:03 It’s a Bubble
01:25 Sell Wall Is Down
01:45 2nd Most Searched Thing
02:16 Monero Love
02:40 Train Thoughts
03:03 BulletProofs
03:33 Ponzo Confusion
04:51 1 Ripple Hero
05:14 /r/Bitcoin
05:35 Sage Advice
06:18 Mastering Bitcoin
06:36 Crazy Crypto
07:42 Government Selling Bitcoins
08:12 Market Recap
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  1. You should write a correction on IOTA promoting Microsoft "partnership" when it was a Microsoft quote that was intentionally pumped out of context by the crypto news/community falsely and IOTA immediately issued corrections to the incorrect assumption. "I look forward to my partnership with you Crypto Daily.." (hey.. do we have a signed contract now?)

  2. I mean, it IS a bubble. Though, since the technology is so great, it is very unlikely to pop at such a low market cap and so little public knowledge. However, this dynamic changes a bit when you get around 1-3 trillion total market kappa.

  3. Depends what you people are using bitconnect for it's an alt coin afteralll but you point is valid. Although you haven't considered that bitconnect pays when the bitcoin price goes down too and you can buy hand holc bcc which also fluctuates. When bitcoin enters a bear market we will see the real value os bitconnect.


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