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How To Use MetaMask:
The first thing you need to know is that Metamask is designed specifically to be used with the Ethereum Network, this means you can only load it with Ethereum, not ethereum classic or any other cryptos.

You can install MetaMask onto your Googe Chrome Browser, and also it’s been added to the list of Firefox add ons. So this means that if you want to use your newly installed MetaMask application, you’ll need to be using the appropriate web browser onto which you’ve installed it. I’ve included a link down in the description that shows you step by step exactly how to install MetaMask, so once you’ve done that you can begin to explore the application.
When you open Metamask you’ll be prompted to enter your password, make this a strong password with random upper and lowercase letters and numbers.

Also when you first install MetaMask, you’ll notice that it is using a “Test Network” this means you are not currently using the Ethereum Network, you’ll need to switch to the Ethereum Network in order to make transactions that will register onto the Ethereum Network.

You will have your first account that you can name whatever you like, you can also create multiple accounts, each of which will have their own public and private keys, so keep that in mind if you are going to use MetaMask to take part in an ICO, you’ll need to remember which account you used to invest in order to one day retrieve those tokens.

On your homescreen you’ll see the list of transactions for that account, you can also view more details about all activity from this account by clicking on the “i” icon, which will take you to
You can easily copy your public address by clicking on the “copy” icon and you can also get the QR code for your public address by clicking on the “QR code” icon.The “key” icon is what you’ll use to export your private key. If you used Metamask to take part in an ICO and you want to access your new tokens, this is the private key that you’ll need to use on Keep in mind that you’ll need to remember which account you used to transfer your ether into the ICO because that will determine which accounts private key you’ll need to retrieve the tokens.

You can also load up your MetaMask account by sending your ether to the public address, but MetaMask also gives you the opportunity to purchase ether through coinable, or by making a trade right from shapeshift. You’ll notice that the shapshift options outlines the rate, the maximum and minimum allowed to be traded.
And if you want to send Ether from your metamask account just click the send button and fill out the form. This is also the way you send funds for an ICO. They provide the address to which you will send your ETH, and sometimes they will also provide “transaction data” if they do, this is where you’ll put that information.
Once you fill out this form you’ll see a window pop up that prompts you to confirm this transaction, now if you try to send funds from metamask and you don’t have enough in your wallet to cover the transaction fees, this is when you’ll find out. MetaMask will let you know you have an insufficient balance and you’ll have to adjust the amount you are trying to send. If you want to track the progress of the transaction, just click on the transaction on your home screen and it will take you to etherscan where you can see the confirmations. Once you’re done you can always lock your account.

I’ve used metamask to take part in ICOs and I’ve also used it to make trades on the decentralized exchange etherdelta, and just out of paranoid precaution, I only store the amount of ether that I want to use to invest or trade, I don’t use metamask as a storage option, I use is more as a medium for investing or trading.

Cryptocompare walks through installation:

Metamask on Firefox: