EXCLUSIVE LTO UPDATE with Rick (CEO) & Arnold (Lead Techie). LTO is the trust layer for every business application. Easy, scalable & GDPR compliant. LTO Network is a fully decentralized and highly efficient blockchain infrastructure that is easy to integrate in existing systems that brings efficiency and is production ready. Key terms: Production ready, compliant & easy.

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0:06 Intro
1:08 LTO Overview
3:30 Hybrid approach
4:50 CEO overview
6:52 Organisations and blockchain
10:40 Blockchain echo chamber challenged
16:31 Mass adoption – how?
20:15 Revenue
27:40 Clients
27:58 Troll bridge
29:03 Extended team token lockup
36:02 Utility token design
39:07 Utility vs Security
42:40 Community governance
52:00 Wrap-up
LTO Products:
Proof Engine
LTO Network’s Proof Engine allows you to secure any digital data against manipulation, protecting businesses against digital fraud.

Their Proof Engine is easy to integrate in existing IT infrastructures and connect to any (legacy) system through an API.

Add a layer of trust to invoices, medical records, emails, documents and other digital data in a matter of minutes at a fraction of the costs.

Workflow Engine
Data silos are the top barrier for organizations to reach the next level of efficiency when doing business together. This is hard to solve as stakeholders are reluctant to create and manage shared systems that allow for automation and effective collaboration.

LTO Network has created a tamper-proof system that lets organizations create trustless, automated workflows to operate on equal footing through so-called “Live Contracts”. They are solving the ‘silo effect’ for every organization.
I have recently invested in this project. This is not Financial Advice. #DYOR always.
This was 100% free and I received no financial compensation from the FintruX Team for doing this video; not in fiat, tokens or any form on payment, however after this video I spoke with Rick and accepted an ambassadorship with LTO (to be announced soon). Since several months ago, I decided to do only free content unless legitimate ambassadorships were involved. I believe that sponsored content is not a problem if disclosed, but this was NOT sponsored and there was absolutely no compensation received in any way, shape or form for this interview that I receive. For additional disclosure, I want to let you know that I have a small bag of tokens in this project. This is not Financial Advice. Please #DYOR
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