What’s in your crypto wallet? Making Blockchain Interoperability & Currency Scaling a Reality

2:00 EST 1:00 CDT 12:00 MST Arizona 11:00 PST

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This week’s guest is Jason Davis, the co-founder and CEO of Hoard (Hoard Invest, LLC).

Digital and financial services experiences are fragmented and challenging. It’s time for a people-focused solution. Hoard is the cryptocurrency app you can bank on.

– Eliminate your reliance on multiple applications to manage your cryptocurrencies. Buy. Trade. Sell. Track. Spend. Store. All in one integrated wallet.
– Embrace a trusted and secure bridge between the fiat money and cryptocurrency environments.
– Enjoy capabilities and an interface that is built for the professional investor, but designed for the novice. Simple, but sophisticated.
– Prepare for instant atomic transactions and avoid missing opportunities due to processing delays.

Join us today to learn more about their upcoming platform/app launch and the ICO plans around Hoard’s native currency (OAR).

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