Your Daily Crypto News update includes a look at the current Market Cap. We look at many of the gainers and losers of the day including Bytom, Golem, Dash, Skycoin, & More. Don’t be discouraged as the market is down big time right now. Eventually this market will come back. We look back at how Amazon spiked and fell with the dot com/tech bubble in the early 2000s. Now, Amazon is at a place well above its spike during that bubble. You just have to hold your cryptos and be strong. Many ICOs, however, are not doing very well right now. A study shows that 2017 might just be the peak of icos. They are having a hard time finding traction right now. Some larger ICOs backed by well known companies such as Telegram are doing very well though. Investors are now more cautions and are not putting their money in unproven companies & technologies. MailChimp is now the latest company to stop their customers from advertising crypto related products via email marketing. It may be time to start closing some accounts and starting a revolution.

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