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In this weeks news:

FROM NEWS BTC – Will McAfee Disclose Nakamoto’s Identity? Crypto Will Suffer If He Did

In a series of intriguing tweets, John McAfee dropped a bombshell yesterday by claiming knowledge of Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity. McAfee intends to end speculation on Nakamoto’s identity once and for all, which he feels is necessary for the crypto space to move forward. He goes on to say he will divulge information until Nakamoto comes forward. Failing that, McAfee himself will disclose Nakamoto’s identity.

Whether McAfee will out Nakamoto, or not, this much is clear, Nakamoto wishes to remain anonymous. According to Alex Lielacher, his motives for anonymity are based on safeguarding the Bitcoin project and allowing it to operate on its own merit

FROM CVRYPTOSLATE – Binance Coin (BNB) is one of the only cryptos to hit all-time high since 2017

On Apr. 19, following the highly anticipated debut of the Binance Chain mainnet, the price of Binance Coin (BNB) surged by 10 percent against the US dollar, becoming the second crypto asset (after EOS in May 2018) since 2017 to achieve an all-time high.
Other crypto assets that come close to BNB, digital assets created before 2019, are down about 20 to 50 percent against the dollar, with most other tokens down nearly 99 percent against the USD since the peak of the market in 2017.

FROM CCN Bitcoin Bear Market Forces Korea’s Fifth-Largest Crypto Exchange to Close

The bitcoin bear market might be over, but it hasn’t finished claiming victims. Coinnest — South Korea’s fifth-largest crypto exchange — shut down this week. Users have until April 30 to withdraw any remaining funds.
The closure comes months after a series of scandals roiled the crypto platform.
In a notice to users on its website, Coinnest did not explain why it was shuttering, but thanked customers for their encouragement and patronage.

FROM THE DAILY EXPRESS Bitcoin BOOM: BTC poised for the dawn of a new era over the Easter break

In its ten-year history it has shown the world a new way of purchasing goods and exchanging currency. It has made millionaires, broken millionaires, and given people an insight into what the future of finance could look like. It’s an intriguing CV. However, when it collapsed from a long-held sustained value of $6,500 last year and sank into the realms of sub-$4,000, interest waned significantly. The levels of trading volume dropped, and market apathy began to set in like weevils in a 17th century warship’s biscuits.

Until a couple of weeks ago. Something changed.
Volume began to slowly build and the atmosphere of the trading platforms, exchanges and markets started to turn the amplifier up on some whispers of positivity.
It is a sentiment which has certainly been carried through April, and many would suggest that if you break through the $5,000 line enough times then the next level of resistance lies a short march away to the north.

This is the first time in many months we have gone into a Bank Holiday weekend on such a high, an upward curve, and a feeling of positive momentum.
These next few days could yet prove to be a game-changer.

Will McAfee Disclose Nakamoto’s Identity? Crypto Will Suffer If He Did


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