Merculet founder Ivan Jiang chats with BlockchainBrad about his project: Chief Growth Officer of Global Entrepreneurship. But what the heck does that mean? Well, Ivan’s team aims to maximize the internet of value by becoming the ultimate solution through implementing user’s attention into enterprise growth.

huh? Say what?

Merculet has built a Attention Value Network. It connects both the supply and demand sides of attention with an open protocol suite to promote a virtuous circulation of the Internet of Value. Attention Value Network consists of three core components: User Attention Value evaluation system, User Attention Token and Open Content Platform.


A serious Team (growing fast)
Serious Advisors
Serious Tech base
Serious connections
Serious backers
Serious success in the industry already

Merculet Protocol Suites
Merculet comprises of a progression of protocols and DApps running to finish everything. A portion of the protocols are as per the following:

ATP: Attention Tokenization Protocol
ATP is to digitize user conduct, rate user attention, and decipher user attentioninto viable Proof of Work

ARP: Attention Reward Protocol
It rewards user as per the user’s attention rate and backings numerous rewards. ARP, to pick up spending plan, provides a gathering of protocols to help gatherings to energize eco-user and guidelines and conditions;

UCP: Universal Content Protocol
It contains a gathering of sub-protocols to help the whole content circulation process,

UIP: Universal ID Protocol
It joins all ID administrations to distribute users, content, organizations and other ID, and utilize the ID in the significant business cycle for unification.