BlockchainBrad provides an exclusive crypto update interview with Morpheus Labs CEO. We explore how their comprehensive suite of blockchain services are currently supporting businesses and developers. We discuss how organisations are given easy access to the BPaaS so they can develop, test and manage blockchain applications using different blockchain protocols. The team assists in providing a full turn-key solution to enterprises. Morpheus Labs features a dApp Library which shortens the time and reduces the costs to deploy an application and they continue to build out their tech tools for enterprise.
00:55 About Morpheus Labs
05:25 What sets you apart?
07:50 About the update on the technology
09:18 About adoption
10:55 About the collaboration with the government and companies
19:32 Is there a special relationship you have with the government?
20:30 What’s your plan for the future regarding the government?
21:50 About the collaboration with Geeq
25:20 Are you going to have more PR support & marketing?
26:10 About the token
28:00 About the Morpheus Labs’s interface
30:15 Is much of your business development in Singapore?
31:05 About the performance of token
34:00 About the treasury model
38:20 About the Hanwha Dream Plus program
39:55 Is there a plan to work with more universities globally?
41:30 About the changes in the team
42:30 Is funding is an issue? Runway
44:18 About the roadmap
45:55 Final statement
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