Sports betting is growing at exponential rates. In due course, it should overtake digital and traditional gambling games globally as the leading gambling sector. The popularity of sports leagues and the ease of betting on platforms such as BC.GAME have made this industry formidable. Now, New York legalises online sports betting, which could be a defining moment for the industry. Online gambling on BC.GAME is too big to ignore. 

Regulators faced the constant dilemma of embracing the industry or having their crosshairs set. Betting is a massive sector with the potential to increase revenue for local and national governments. This opportunity has to be balanced with encouraging responsible gambling and consumer protection. Therefore, news in 2021 that the New York state legislature had approved the legalisation of sports betting was huge. There were debates on both sides, with the majority opinion favouring legalisation because of the impressive gaming revenues. Former New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the legislation, and operators waited for official commencement. This jurisdiction is the most significant financial and regulatory region in the world.  

NY’s legal stance on online sports betting

Three years after the United States Supreme Court decided to end prohibitions on betting in the US, several states have formally legalised various forms of betting. New York allowed mobile betting apps to launch on January 8th, 2022, several months after the governor signed the legislation legalising sports betting. 

Four major sportsbooks, namely Caesars Sportsbook, DraftKings, FanDuel, and Rush Street Interactive, got the green light to go live under the watchful eye of regulators. Therefore, New Yorkers can now wager on various sporting events from the comfort of their homes. This development is significant because New York is a leader of sorts in the regulatory sense. Betting operators had been waiting eagerly for the legislation to take effect. New York is a huge market, and billions of dollars could be at play.

Neighbouring states like New Jersey and Connecticut have already legalised sports betting, and New York is following suit. Revenue from sports betting is a massive consideration. Governor Cuomo had already accommodated revenue from this sector into the state budget for the upcoming year. New York lawmakers expect the industry to be an immediate source of revenue, with the state charging operators a premium for their right to operate. The tax rate is as high as 50 percent of gambling operators’ revenues. 

Many betting operators expected the high tax rate since New York is historically a high tax jurisdiction relative to Florida or Texas. Gambling entrepreneurs have actively lobbied New York for a few years. Mobile betting is a massive industry globally, and they looked at New York as a vital step in their efforts to legalise betting nationwide. The Supreme Court’s decision in 2018 removed federal restrictions, but the US has fragmented regulation, with some states still limiting betting and gambling.


The Significance Of The Legalisation  

New York Legalizes Online Sports Betting

New York is one of the largest cities in the world, with its state’s population density one of the highest in the country. Therefore, this is a massive market to start with from a business standpoint. January 8th was arguably the biggest day in the history of sports betting, with millions of people coming into the fold. A few other sportsbooks are waiting to pass the regulatory requirements before going live. This rush is despite the significant tax rate. For comparison, neighbouring New Jersey only taxes 13% on revenues, meaning that the operators come to New York because of the sheer size of its market. Interestingly, the state has flagged most of that revenue for elementary and secondary education.

Additionally, some money will raise awareness of gambling addiction and sports programs for underserved youth. Accordingly, the regulatory setup tries to balance the concerns of both sides of the regulatory arguments. New York lawmakers had to get creative to legalise sports betting.

The gambling operators must place their equipment and servers in licensed gaming facilities. Therefore, a person wagering does it through virtual means, but the equipment is housed in licensed facilities to avoid contravening the state’s constitution. The legalisation came at the right time for fans. The National Football League(NFL) is getting to the business end in January and February. 

From March, college basketball peaks, and then NBA playoffs continue from April to June. Therefore, this debut could prove massive, unlike the summer months in which the US’s two most significant sports leagues are off. New Jersey is the leading state of online gambling revenue in the USA. Despite the higher taxes, New York could immediately take up the mantle.  

Looking Forward

Online gambling is at a pivotal time in its growth. The technology is perfect, with smartphones, fast internet, and gaming interface better than ever. What stood in the way was the regulator’s attitude towards this booming sector. New York is a vital domino because of its position in global finance. Sportsbooks have gone live despite the steep tax rate, which shows investor enthusiasm. Crypto gambling operators like BC.GAME are following this development closely because it could be of benefit in the near term. Sports betting and blockchain gaming overlap in certain respects, and regulatory developments across the US affect both. 

Overall, online gambling is efficient in getting gaming fans the necessary services. This launch of sports betting apps in the US could have a domino effect on the rest of the country. It will be fascinating to follow how other states and governments react to this development.