Good to see some green numbers last few days. Coming from almost $9,000 going to $7,400 back to $9,100; it’s been a rollercoaster once again this week. Hopefully we can hold this sideways movement of the last 20 hours for some time so we can build some stability.


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  1. Why market is falling down again? Every time market tries to recover, some hopes of positivity comes. Then the very next day it starts falling off….. Being fed up with this cycle

  2. I also do not see a fast turnaround. Looking back at earlier events like this, we might anticipate weak prices through June. Then the interest might be strong again. (or something of that style).

  3. You are negative af. There will always be bad news and other concerns. Why bring it up and scare people. Where is good news, like explaining why ICX is shooting up, aka Korean buyers.. Stay positive

  4. Great video Quinten! Thanks for the current market analysis. I personally think that the bearish market is finally coming to an end and hope to see a constant green trend very soon. I'm happy that my top privacy coins Monero and DeepOnion are performing pretty good so far + the DeepOnion guys released a new android wallet so everyone's happy right now YAY 😀 However I agree that if we can hold the sideways movement there will be more stability, because I hate opening Tradingview and literally the moment I open it everything starts crashing with these huge red candles 😀
    Keep up the good work! Can't wait for your next video =)

  5. Quinton. I think most people are just scared of the FUD! I have talked with many of my college friends about getting involved in Crpto/BTC. They follow the news too much! I feel strongly that the Market Cap will jump soon! After the FUD settles that is.

  6. If we can get over 11,700 dollar mark, it is on! Until then we are still in a downward market. Regardless, I'm more optimistic now then I've ever been. Keep being you and putting up great content, Quentin. Thx!


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