ECB president Mario Draghi spoke slightly positive words about cryptocurrencies. They are not going to ban it and not yet regulating it. They are going to talk about it and if necessary there will be a supervising mechanism installed. So rather supervising than regulating, are already good signs. He even said that banks and financial institutions might be starting to buy Bitcoin once futures are listed on US exchanges (Nasdaq).

I think this news will keep up the positive vibe of the last few days.



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  1. This is the world in Cryto, FUD to bring down and then Polish to bring it up. Never mind I believe in the Technology and the applicaiton. So I hold till the best time for profit !

  2. I take Draghi's comments with a pinch of salt, this is just PR. The EU has it's friendly face on and has done for the last 2 years, but once Brexit has been worked around and issues in Catalonia have cooled down the true nature of Bruxelles federalists will come to light.


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