Exclusive Crypto Interview: BlockchainBrad speaks with Orion Protocol CEO Alexey Koloskov. We explore Orion Protocol’s Liquidity Aggregator Protocol & standard for connecting to centralized and decentralized exchanges. We discuss how they aim to enable an ecosystem of dApps to solve liquidity issues & price parity. The Orion Protocol’s tech enables cross chain trading, omni-exchange accessibility, & liquidity. We discuss features such as trading terminal. matching engine, beta release + much more.
Website – https://orionprotocol.io/
Telegram Community – https://t.me/orionprotocol
Medium – https://medium.com/orion-protocol
Twitter – https://twitter.com/orion_protocol
01:25 What exactly does the term ‘liquidity aggregator protocol’ mean? and what problem are you trying to solve in the space?
05:10 About the mechanisms and why this protocol is beneficial
06:33 How can we ensure that you have the better product out there when it comes to matching engine technology?
07:55 Is there any way that you can evidence the technology in terms of bing performant, making sure it can be done in real time and how transparent is the technology, the code?
09:51 Can you give us a quick rundown on the history in terms of development?
12:07 Why hasn’t something like this emerged in the past?
13:57 About Alexey Koloskov’s experience
15:58 About partnerships and long-term plans do you have?
19:56 About the need for Orion.
22:01 Has it been difficult to engage with some of the top exchanges which regards to liquidity?
24::58 Do you think that over time the performance of DEX will improve because of your protocol?
27:56 Can you talk us through clients who you think are going to be the predominant users initially of this aggregator?
31:40 About prospective partnerships
34:20 Why are you moving now through the process of listing and the product sells?
35:54 Are you concern about suggestions of fake volumes among exchanges?
38:03 About current and future exchanges
40:30 How the process actually works from beginning to end?
47:06 Will there be a significant financial benefit to Orion by enabling the launching of IEOs with your protocol?
49:10 Does it concern you that some of the startups have decided to use IEO as a mechanism for marketing?
52:31 Do you think that you have a strong enough team to start this? Team talk.
01:00:00 About the Share Liquidity Pool
01:04:21 About modules for standardization
01:06:05 What makes you distinct and better than the potential competition?
01:08:54 Talk us through what you are planning to do and give us a recap of what you have raised so far. Raise Recap.
01:10:35 About the bridge troll
01:12:18 Are you concern that this is a mechanism of protection, not a guarantee?
01:15:50 Did you ever consider a lock up instead of the bridge troll?
01:17:00 Why do you fundamentally need a token?
01:19:38 About the distribution of the token
01:22:16 Are you worried about the release timeframe of the token & do you think you have the numbers right?
01:23:45 Are you talking at all with any exchanges regarding later listing?
01:25:11 About the roadmap
01:27:08 About the white paper
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