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0:00 #no2x Views
5:11 Buying the Dip Reaction
5:20 Litecoin Privacy Feature
7:00 Market Update!
8:26 What I think of EOS
11:00 Walton Coin
12:49 SEC Concern and My Concern
13:35 BCH Unbiased Article lol
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  2. Can you give me more sources to follow on the scaling debate? It totally confuses me!

    BTC has this problem! BTC has that problem! Why can't BTC solve these problems? It confuses me… it's not logical.

    Edit: Roger Ver is being such a pric :E

  3. If the b2x regime really cared about scaling, they would create an alt-coin based on Bitcoin. They just want to take control of Bitcoin for themselves. Nothing illegal with forking of course but the community see this as somewhat hostile takeover with no real justification other than a power grab. Any thoughts>?

  4. Enjoy your channel, saw things the same way regarding scaling debate at one point. It's an appealing story, initially convincing and if you mainly look at /r/bitcoin you'll get lots of confirmation. But the bitcoin core repo is not a meritocracy, what's merged and release is controlled by a very few like-minded individuals.

    They see things from an engineering perspective and seem to feel bitcoin needs to be advanced off chain immediately, but many of the economic actors (miners, exchanges, merchants) make up this miraculous equilibrium that current investment value you recognize are (or were, and will soon again) suffering. You may not feel it as an investor, but your value would be severely reduced if real-world usage and market share continue to decline.

    2X fork may have become about control due to Core devs years of neglecting the growth of historical economic structure. But the reason this fork or the next will have support is the pain that 1MB has and will cause.

  5. Hi like your Chanel just saw this latest vid, but I think you need to do some more research on ethereum. Not the solution you and many others think it is. The EEA is not the public block chain it is the private ethereum block and not the price you are looking at on coin market cap. Other than ico's it has not real use cases. It also has to have a trade off in terms of the price of the gas to fuel the daps deployed on it and so economically make no sense for the price too be to high. Keep up the great work.

  6. Fork = NOT free money… Tokens ain't worth shit until you put them on an orderbook you can trade them against. What a fool think it's worth. If it's scarce and has a USECASE, it has some value.

  7. Forgot to say a big thanks about VIBE recommendation. Did not know them at all. Solid team there. Great project. Canadian. Excited for their future.


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