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  1. I am SO happy you changed your name to Crypto Tips as opposed to Crypto Chic. I don't like when women label themselves as Crypto beauty, flower, bomb, licious, girl, angel, baby, sugar, caramel, popcorn, unicorn, rainbow. It would be awkward to go to a conference and have a speaker named Crypto Sugar/beauty, speaking about the future of blockchain. It diminishes their personal brand scope and makes them look like eternal fragile, seductive little girls waiting for the prince charming. It reduces them to their physical and sentimental attributes instead of their BRAINS. I haven't found any man naming himself Crypto King Kong, beast, macho, man, warrior…. Women need to position themselves better in this heavily masculine tech world. Good for you! Love your work.

  2. It sounds like you actually believe the numbers the government released with regards to the Petro. You also neglected to mention the oil backing the currency is still in the ground and the government only has a 60% stake in the project. If you are going to represent yourself as an authority or knowledgeable on this topic I believe you owe your viewers a certain level of due diligence and guidance which you have clearly ignored in this case by leaving out several key details about the investment yet still provide links. I hope to see more responsible reports in the future. Disclaimer: I am not an expert, only an enthusiast. This is only my opinion however the statements are supported by several major publications which can be found by simple Google search.

  3. People, don't let be fooled by communists. Communism is a nightmare. It almost destroyed the country I live in. What they do with out kids on school, is shocking. In my country we will have to have 10+ years of re-educating our youth to remove marxist agenda from them. You don't know how it destroys the lifes of the young. Marxism is a tragedy. It is what makes Latin America poor. I can say this because I see this since I was born. Believe me: there is only one way to make people evolve: FREE MARKET and LIBERTY values.

  4. This is what Venezuela is going to do. With Maduro o without Maduro. Who cares about Maduro. It wasn’t his idea.
    To achieve the objectives set in the internal economy and also contribute to the fight against the powerful north,

    Step 1: Venezuela will redirect the origin of government subsidies from oil revenues to bitcoin mining in sufficient quantities to dominate the global field of cryptography. Additionally, legalize cryptocurrency and mining. Fill the country with bitcoin ATMs. Allow employers to pay salaries in BTC.

    Step 2: Accept payment for Venezuelan oil only in bitcoin.

    Step 3: Launch the "Petro" as a local currency, a currency managed by the government with a fixed exchange rate (dynamic, with a simultaneous exchange rate in gold) as a way to mitigate the volatility risk of bitcoin in the local economy .

    Step 4: Use the strengthening of the Venezuelan currency to invest in large purchases of Yen, to destroy the dollar and decapitalize your colonial oppressor.

  5. Interesting the US doesn't want citizens to participate, just for that i kinda wanna throw a couple bucks into it lol. Great video, keep up the great content, and thank you!

  6. I'm Venezuelan, buying Petro is funding a dictatorship that has consistently violated human rights and brought our oil-rich country to bankruptcy while undermining democracy in the process


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