Cricket is one of the most popular sports worldwide as it has captured the hearts of millions of people. Some may consider this a niche sport, but the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 had an impressive 6 billion video views across various platforms last year.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that cricket’s online sports betting scene is as exciting and massive as its competitions—in fact, there are various cricket tournaments to look forward to every year. 

These cricket betting tournaments are held across countries that participate in the thrill of the sport. While not as prolific as other major sporting events in football, basketball, and baseball, cricket tournaments still have a large following globally. In case you haven’t tried online betting at BC.GAME for this exciting sport, here is a quick guide you should check out: 

How cricket betting works 

Cricket betting is fun, especially if you know how to do it properly. Once you have found a credible betting site like BC.GAME, the next thing you’ll have to check is the several betting markets and odds. 

Online sports betting sites feature several cricket matches, tournaments, and the rest of the year’s top sporting events. From domestic games of cricket leagues worldwide to every major international competition, online cricket betting gives punters many options.

For new cricket punters, it’s important to learn the rules first and read up on any beginner guide before placing real money bets on any cricket event. Cricket is played in three formats:

  • One Day International
  • Test
  • T20.

Before you wager, you need to learn the basic cricket play of these formats.

Popular cricket betting tournaments to bet on 

There are several major cricket matches held worldwide—each of them has a few unique factors that set them apart. These tournaments are often hosted among several cricketing countries for home ground and viewership advantages. 

Some cricket tournaments come from top domestic leagues that showcase the talents of local players of a certain country. Here are the popular cricket tournaments to bet on:

Indian Premier League (IPL) 

This tournament is the most popular cricket league in India and in the entire world. Aside from having the highest attendance among all cricket leagues, this event is organised by the Board of Indian Cricket Council (BICC), known for generating the highest revenue. This is made possible by the fact that this is widely featured in traditional and online cricket betting sites.  

This league has 11 great teams from various regions in the country. Although the IPL is a domestic league, it features international players and is also one of the forefronts of Asia’s sports betting scene.

 ICC Cricket World Cup 

This tournament is played in an ODI format and held every four years, setting it apart from the T20 World Cup. Currently, it’s the most-watched event worldwide as the premier showcase of the International Cricket Council (ICC) for the sport. Alongside this event, the ICC organises all international tournaments and schedules. 

ICC Cricket World Cup has ten competing international teams who have moved up the qualification process in the previous three years. Moreover, every season is held in a different venue since the host countries change now and then. 

 The Ashes 

Cricket Test matches between England and Australia are known as “The Ashes”. It became the competition name since it was first used in a satirical obituary in The Sporting Times, a British newspaper, shortly after Australia’s first-ever Test victory on English soil in 1882 at The Oval. 

According to the obituary, English cricket has died and ‘the body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia’. English captain Ivo Blighthen pledged to ‘recover those ashes’. As a result, the English media called the tour the Ashes.

Five Test matches make up an Ashes series, typically held at least once every two years and alternately hosted by England and Australia. The trophy, shaped like an urn, is held by the winning team. 

 The T20 World Cup

The T20 World Cup is the most prestigious cricket tournament played among 16 national teams. Ten of these contenders are automatically qualified because of their rankings. The other six must earn their spots by performing well in the T20 World Cup qualifying match. 

Every two years, the event is held at a different venue. The most recent champion of the competition is England, who won their second championship in 2022. They are now on par with the West Indies, who have won two World Cups. Besides that, while this tournament is for men, there’s also a women’s T20 World Cup!


Cricket tournament schedule 

One of the best cricket tournament betting tips you need to keep in mind is that you have to be aware of the schedule of every major cricket event. You can learn more about these by simply checking the calendars of the governing bodies of cricket in every country and the ICC. 

Knowing what tournaments they’ll play next makes it easier to prepare for your bets! 

How to bet on cricket tournaments 

If you haven’t tried placing wagers on online cricket betting tournaments before, here are the simple steps you would have to keep in mind: 

  1. Find a reliable bookmaker → Each online site has special features that make them unique. Check the reviews of each site before signing up, so you’ll know which ones are trustworthy and safe. You can also check if they feature a cricket betting section like BC.GAME!
  2. Create an account → Once you’ve found a credible site, register for an account with your preferred username. Create a strong password to keep your account safe. If the site requires verification, follow the necessary steps. Once ready, place deposits and fund your account. 
  3. Click cricket → Browse through the various featured sports and click cricket. This will show you a list of the cricket tournament matches you can wager on. 
  4. Look at the odds →  Once you see the several betting markets check the odds so you’ll know the winning chances of the teams and how much you can win from every bet. You may also change the odds format if you wish to. 
  5. Research → Before finalising your bets, ensure you have an idea about each player’s recent performances. This is also something you’ll find among the effective betting tips on cricket tournaments, as it gives you an idea about their playing condition and chances of winning. 
  6. Finalise your bets → When you’re sure, select the betting markets you wish to wager on and finalise it with the amount you wish to place. Wait until the match ends so you can see whether or not you have guessed it right. 

Other cricket tournaments to bet on 

Aside from the major tournaments aforementioned, there are several other cricket tournaments to bet on. These other tournaments can help you enjoy cricket betting even more. Here are some of them: 

Champions League 

The Champions League Twenty20, popularly known as the CLT20, was an annual Twenty20 Cricket international competition. This was first introduced in 2009 and was jointly owned by Cricket Australia, Cricket South Africa, and the Board of Control for Cricket in India.

Each season occurs in either South Africa or India between September and October for two to three weeks. The format involves teams qualifying from the top Twenty20 tournaments of the eight nations that play Test matches.

The three founding cricket boards stated in July 2015 that the cricket tournament would be scrapped due to low viewership, lack of fan engagement, and unstable sponsorship, making the 2014 Champions League Twenty20 the tournament’s final edition.

Asia Cup 

This international cricket event is a men’s One Day International and Twenty20 International cricket tournament. It was launched in 1983 to foster goodwill among Asian nations. 

It was planned to happen every two years. The Asia Cup is the sole cricket continental championship, and the victorious team is crowned Asia’s champions. Every two years, the ODI and T20I formats are switched. 

Commonwealth Bank Series 

This One Day International cricket event in Australia for the 2006–07 season was known as the Commonwealth Bank Series. It is a tri-nation series between Australia, England, and New Zealand.

Other tournaments to watch out for

Aside from those mentioned above, there are several other impressive tournaments you can wager on. Among these are the following: 

  • The Hundred
  • Big Bash League 
  • T20 Blast
  • Bangladesh Premier League
  • Pakistan Super League.

Bet on cricket tournaments at BC.GAME

From regular league games to highly-awaited World Cups, cricket is one of the few sports with constant ongoing events throughout the year. As a trusted online sportsbook site, BC.GAME lets punters place bets on every cricket event— ongoing and upcoming.

Simply log into your account, deposit, and check every offer on the site’s promotions page. See if there are any bonuses you can use and claim before you place a bet on any cricket event or game.

Find out what cricket betting has in store for you at BC.GAME

Originated in England, cricket is now played in various Commonwealth and Asian countries. The global cricket scene is interesting, and its online betting scene is as thrilling as its games. Start betting on its matches here at BC.GAME and discover why the sport has a massive following in various countries.


Which is the most popular cricket tournament?

Aside from the World Cup tournaments hosted by the ICC, the Indian Premier League is arguably the most popular cricket tournament and league. 

What are the main cricket competitions?

Aside from the famous cricket league matches, those hosted by the ICC are considered the main competitions. Examples include the ICC Cricket World Cup and the ICC men’s T20 World Cup.  

How many cricket tournaments are there?

Several cricket tournaments are held across the different formats of cricket in several cricketing nations. There are also new tournaments being introduced now and then.