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Before I start rattling off these Facebook groups, I really feel I must first give a bit of a gentle warning, particularly if you are new to crypto and are eager to dive right in. Nothing should ever take the place of doing your own research. If you’re new to crypto you’re about to go through the cycle of learning lessons and probably losing money.

You’ll also probably have to learn some tough lessons on who is a quality person to take advice from. And let me reiterate once again, never make investment decisions purely on someone else’s advice without taking the time to check out the coin, and take a look at the charts, it’s essential that you learn how to read between the lines of FOMO and FUD.
The knowledge you’ll gain through doing this will give you more confidence and help you through the tough times in crypto when “blood is in the streets”. Ok now that I’ve got that out of the way, here are some groups that are pretty well moderated and where you can find some great information on chart movements as well as upcoming ICOs and information on new things happening in the crypto space. Most importantly, this is also a place to ask your questions. Do yourself and the entire group a favor and ask questions with a bit more depth than: “I’ve got $100, what should I buy?” Let’s challenge each other and really learn valuable things from one another.

First up is Crypto Coin Trader. This is a closed group but the Administrators and Moderators do a great job at keeping the discussions on crypto and preventing many malicious actors from promoting scams and unnecessary FUD. This one is more of a general cryptocurrency discussion type group. Often the topics discussed include ICOs, and updates on coins in regards to how they are on track with their roadmaps, regulations and taxes are also often discussed. Crypto Coin Trader, or CCT for short also has sister groups like CCT Mining, CCT ICO Investigators, and CCTW for women who want to take part in discussing crypto without the ominous sense of sexual, or negative remarks. You can find all of these groups listed towards the top of this groups discussion section.

For those of you who are NOT beginners to crypto and you’re looking for a place to have more in-depth discussions about what’s happening in the crypto space I’m gonna suggest checking out the Cryptocurrency Investing group. This one is pretty strict about spamming, promoting pump and dump schemes. They definitely want to ensure that all users will gain legitimate intel from joining this group and that contributors post quality content.

Lastly, these are for all the women out there who have battled through the constant sexual references and unnecessary negative commentary. Here are a couple groups that you might find to be somewhat of an oasis where you can ask your questions and get in-depth answers without the stress or judgement. Topics in these groups often include market movements, announcements for the progress of coins, security alerts, networking possibilities and community outreach. If you’re a woman and this strikes a chord with you, consider checking out Crypto Goddesses and Crypto Coin Trader Women’s Group.
On a side note, I hate that there are enough women out there with negative experiences in this space that there now exists all women groups. I hope that someday soon this will dissipate and women and men can come together in this space to create a truly well-rounded ecosystem for all to enjoy.