QuadrigaCX’s founder has died, leaving behind $200 million locked in a cold wallet. Bitcoin trading grows in Venezuela due to the political crisis. Leaked documents confirm Mt.Gox could have crashed Bitcoin’s price. Facebook’s blockchain can become a reality. 60 million BitTorrent tokens were sold in 15 minutes during the ICO.

Also watch for comments and exclusive interviews with:
– Jesse Powell, co-founder & CEO of the Kraken exchange, on what the Mt.Gox trustee did wrong
– Daniel Kelman, lawyer and Mt.Gox creditor, on the Mt.Gox case
– David Gerrard, author of “Attack of the 50 foot blockchain,” on QuadrigaCX
– Mati Greenspan from eToro on BitTorrent and its ICO success
– Stephan Livera, host of a Bitcoin podcast, on Jack Dorsey & his attitude towards Bitcoin

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QuadrigaCX Drama, Kraken CEO on Mt.Gox Sell-Off & Facebook Buys Crypto Startup| Hodler’s Digest