BlockchainBrad & CEO of Quant Network, Gilbert Verdian, update us on the Quant team’s progress in re-architecting the internet for blockchain business and modern enterprise for today and tomorrow. This is a FREE & EXCLUSIVE October, 2019 Update.
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This interview was entirely, 100% FREE for the People! In every way, there were no tokens, no under the table deals. I believe that sponsored content is not a problem if disclosed openly to the community. This is not Financial Advice. Please #DYOR
00:50 About updates related to the Overledger Operating System 
02:35 About switching from Testnet to Mainnet
04:00 What does it mean for the institutional sector and for enterprise parties to integrate and utilize a technology like this?
05:54 About public, permissionless systems & integrations
07:20 Talk us through some of they key enterprise developments that you’ve made at Quant.
09:15 The bridge between the business world and crypto world
15:10 A dashboard/tech update
17:05 About global partnerships
20:26 Does it excite you that you’re getting that kind this kind of reach in the government & enterprise sectors?
21:25 About integrating the technology in the U.S.
26:12 Do you think Wall Street are even aware how big and relevant this technology is going to be in the future? Capital Market move.
27:17 About the developments made on the protocols
29:00 About the pace of the crypto & blockchain industry
31:05 About interpretability layer
34:00 About the new protocols instead of TCP/IP
35:21 About the roadmap and plan.
37:00 About the business side
39:11 What’s the number of banks that you foresee working with Quant Network?
42:38 What kind of governments are you talking to now to build the first phase of real world adoption?
44:33 About the gateways and the reward/incentive system
51:30 About the interest from the enterprise side for the gateways
52:37 Are you confident that are you building a true utility model by having these gateways and having the listed use cases for the token itself?
53:20 About the activity of the developers in Quant.
56:10 About the revenue of the business.
58:42 About fintech partnerships and how real they are.
01:01:14 Is your Oracle partnership long term?
01:02:42 About the new launches in the Quant network.
01:04:53 About the regulators & compliance comments
01:07:08 About the use case of Quant & QNT
01:08:00 The correlation question between token and business models
01:10:03 About the speculation in the crypto space
01:12:16 Are you focussed more on the mainstream sector for legitimacy and do support regulation of crypto?
01:14:00 About token modelling and token talk
01:14:40 About team tokens unlocked
01:15:33 About team members leaving the team.
01:17:34 More on partnerships
01:19:40 About the offices, addresses: transparency etc..
01:20:40 About being compliant with the global regulations
01:21:38 About the fin-tech system
01:22:48 About the underlying blockchain standards
01:25:47 About the fast payment solution/system
01:27:50 About the quality of media in crypto
Conclusion & final comments of the interview.
I invested a small amount in QNT initially, but to keep my objectivity, I no longer have any QNT and this has been the case for some time (and no, I did not sell at the top). This is not Financial Advice, but I really believe in this project. #DYOR always.
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