One of the most interesting things about online casinos is that they have a great roster of games you can choose from, including games that will put your luck to the test. Among those is bingo which happens to be a great social game. 

With the help of technology, this popular game is made available on online casino, allowing you to place bets and have a great time. Since it is made available online, you may enjoy it as an amazing part of your gambling experience, where you can win prizes upon having the right numbers. 

As an amazing casino game, enjoy the same thrill when you play it in land-based bingo centres. It also gained a lot of traction online, thus the reason why you’ll encounter several approaches to it on sites like BC.GAME. You can also play it with the casino bonuses you claimed. In case you haven’t played video bingo yet, here’s what you need to know: 

How does video bingo work? 

Video bingo games share the same game principle as the traditional bingo game, only made electronically. You will still receive numbered cards and wait for the numbers yet to be drawn randomly. What makes them different from traditional bingo games is that there are bonus rounds, jackpots, mini-games, and several other features that make them more exciting. 

If you’re wondering how does video bingo work, the answer is simple. Just like slot games, video bingo games also have paylines wherein the winning numbers are usually seen. It works as a game of chance, as you’ll never know if the numbers to be drawn will match the ones on your cards. 

The game also works with a random number generator (RNG) which determines the winning numbers. After the draw of each number, the system will automatically mark it on your card if it’s there. Once you complete the patterns or have the numbers on a single pay line, you win. You will learn more about these upon reading the description of the several bingo online game options you can see. 


How to play video bingo

Now that you know what is video bingo and how it works, the next thing you should learn more about is how to play video bingo online. Though each game’s rules may vary from title to title, the game principles stay the same. If you haven’t tried playing this online game before, here are the simple ways you can do so. 

  1. Make sure to find an online casino that will match your playing preferences. Check their game roster to see whether or not they have video bingo games. One of the best sites you can sign up with that offers such is BC.GAME. 
  2. Choose a game of your liking and know more about its rules. If there is a free mode, play for free and see if the game suits you.
  3. Once you’ve chosen a video bingo online title, see what it takes to get some cards you can play with. 
  4. Check your account and make sure you have sufficient funds to play. If not, deposit money into your account so you can play. 
  5. Once you have the money to play online video bingo, determine how much you wish to spend. 
  6. Place your bet and purchase as many cards as you wish. Wait for the game to start and see if you’ll win or not. 

Video bingo slot machines

With how fun online video bingo games are, it is no longer surprising that several variations are made for them. Some even combine it with the fun concept of casino slot games. If you haven’t tried this game before, here are some video bingo slot machines you should learn more about: 

Classic Video Bingo 

This is the classic game version most people know. In this variation, you can buy several cards and hope that the numbers drawn will create the right patterns. It has a gameplay that even beginners can easily understand. 

Jackpot Video Bingo

This is another version of a video bingo game with added twists to make the game more exciting. Such changes may apply to some patterns having higher payouts than others. These games also give a chance to win massive prizes in the form of jackpots. 

Bingo Keno 

In this game, you will be the one to pick your numbers. If they happen to be produced by the RNG, you can win some prizes. 

BC.GAME: Best online video bingo games

Aside from the exciting live casino games you’ll find at BC.GAME, you can also expect that there are several exciting video bingo slot machines you can play. If you’re looking for games to enjoy the bonus you claimed or while waiting for the results of your bookmaker bets, here are some title video bingo games online that are worth your time:

Rainforest Magic Bingo

Rainforest Magic Bingo is a fun title from Play’n GO with impressive features like extra balls, progressive jackpots, and bonuses. The game allows you to have four cards at once. Each of these cards has 15 numbers that range between 1 to 90. Once the balls are drawn, the numbers will automatically be marked on your card. If you can create patterns with them, you can win prizes. 

Viking Runecraft Bingo

This video bingo casino game from Play’n GO uses a mythological theme where you can see several gods while playing the game. It also allows you to activate up to four cards. You may change cards if you’re not pleased with the numbers shown. In this game, 30 balls will be drawn from 90 balls. When you earn patterns on your cards, you can win prizes. 

Paradise Trippies Bingo 

This exciting bingo slot game from Caleta allows you to embark on a psychedelic journey towards some amazing prizes as you join Party Pete and his friends. Aside from the fact that this game allows you to play four cards at most, it also allows you to purchase 14 extra balls to boost your winning chances.

Try your luck at online bingo games at BC.GAME 

These are just some facts you would have to learn about video bingo and how fun it is to play them. By learning more about them and seeing how much you can win from them, you can be more eager to get some cards and hope that the numbers will form the right patterns! 


Which bingo game pays real money?

All bingo games grant real money as prizes. The only time when you can’t win from it is by playing free games. 

What is video bingo?

Video bingo is a digitised version of the classic bingo game. Aside from being more convenient, this game version may also include several game features introduced by the game providers that produced them. 

How to win bingo games?

There aren’t any specific game strategies you can use when playing video bingo. You just have to wish that the random balls to be drawn will match the ones on your card.