REALISTIC Bitcoin Price Predictions

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– Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice.

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  1. It must be a blessing and a curse calling yourself crypto daily.

    I mean having to do a video every day must really test your psyche.

    Keep up the great work …
    And who knows in a few months years might be able to outsource ebery other day….?

    You know some of the first signs of exhaustion are over compensating with accessories…


  2. Well honestly I dont understand a damn thing about this but I was weirdly entertained nonetheless. Love your accent btw. It sounds like British fused with American. Frickin perfect ?

  3. What happened to John McAfee predictions. Back in 2017 end and 2018, I heard so many false prophecies of where crypto market is heading.
    Everyone then only wants to hear the good predictions. Channels have better viewership if they predicted prices going up.

    No one wants to hear about price crashes. Ì believe another round of FOMO is happening now.

  4. One day, it will be so profitable for people to mine Vertcoin(no asic), everyone will start mining it. Today it has a large supply and a low price and everyone can mine it’s just like the early times of bitcoin. But of course it is at those times that no one cares as usual. Which is why, I’ll give people a reason to mine it.

    No one asks to accept Vertcoin it gets accepted around by quite some companies around the world.
    Why? Because it works and gets the job done nicely, and it’s been here since 2014, before all those shitcoins and non existant ICO’s that sell you promises and dreams.
    It used to well deserve it’s spot at rank 36.
    The reason why it’s cheap is that it isn’t listed on major exchanges, major exchanges rather list shtcoins that will just pay to get listed just like bitcoin sv… can’t wait the « Bitcoin Real Satoshi Vision » to come out…

    When someone reuses the bitcoin name to get more attention, it stinks and you should get out. The guy is clearly choosing the noisy way of proving things.

    Ps: I love your content. Please never stop posting x)

  5. The coin to watch out for is KCB…Karatbars International will be launching their new cryptocurrency that's backed by physical gold! Wanna make some awesome profits…then buy KCB coins.


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