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Santiment will provide free information and also allow you to purchase more detailed information by staking Santiment coins. They will also allow users to purchase additional information by using fiat currency to encourage more adopters.

They held a pre-sale in February and used those funds to begin development of their mobile app- currently in alpha stage. They anticipate the majority of their traffic will come from mobile users.

The Information provided by Santiment and its partners will include ICO analysis, market size research, regulatory and legal updates. They’ll also supply you with sentiment data feeds that will reveal crypto-patterns like volatility, and other indicators.

In addition to these data feeds, Santiment plans on building a database for all accumulated, relevant, detailed information for crypto projects. Think of it like a wikipedia for cryptos, where users will be able to make proposals to change inaccurate information and submit information on brand new projects.

There’s a big part of me that is happy that there will be a place where I can find all sorts of detailed information about a crypto project, but the cynical side of me is apprehensive about any one entity being able to control this type of information, that is, information that can drastically influence the success of any one crypto project. So I want to encourage you to remember that although Santiment is awfully promising and I’m probably going to be checking it out myself, don’t let it completely replace your own independent research.