The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing for Sports Betting Businesses

Besides having your own sports betting platform, your platform includes all the best tools. However, a good marketing strategy is necessary to get new people onto your site. Various owners use different advertising techniques to attract new punters to their sites. This strategy includes social marketing and ad campaigns, mobile marketing and email marketing. However, sports bookmakers use the most efficient method of marketing. 

Best Sportsbook Affiliate Programs for Affiliate Marketers

Online betting is a lucrative business estimated at $275 billion annually in the United States. Although sportsbooks are an exclusive competition, this can certainly fill your bank quickly, provided you have put effort into it. Internet marketing in recent years has increasingly benefitted from affiliates. Affiliate marketing effectively increases your business’s sales and the services offered by the company you endorse as long as you provide high-quality content. The Sportsbook Affiliate Program comes here.

Betting Affiliate Programs in the USA

Currently, sports betting and online games are regulated by state governments. Affiliate Marketing is under a similar transformation. This document outlines what an online betting affiliate does and how to comply with all laws. Please note that the site will receive an important update. Keep an eye out for upcoming updates.

Online Poker and Casino Partners

As in sports bets, affiliates who promote gambling websites and online gambling apps are usually granted licences. A license is currently allowed for affiliate work in NJ and Pennsylvania. The West Virginia and Michigan markets will open this summer. Affiliates who wish to promote illegal American poker websites can also use the same markets. Nevada, NJ, and Pennsylvania have already begun. Michigan will be in operation. During the online poker boom, affiliates made huge profits recommending customers to offshore poker sites, which violates the US legal system if the affiliates are not properly trained.

Legal and compliance issues

Online gambling is an extremely sensitive issue here in the USA. Both state and federal law dictate our legal system. Online horse racing and fantasy sport are also governed not to comply with federal anti-gaming regulations. It is fairly legally safe to market affiliates to these businesses. Sporting wagering casinos or poker require licences for marketing services offered to the operators. Similarly, you must understand state legislation, licensing regulations and compliance matters. All Affiliate Sites owned by the FTC must disclose advertising information to the FTC.

#1 Bet365

Bet 365 is the most trusted gambling platform in the world. Bet365 has 22 million users across the globe. The group uses its system that provides users with the same payment methods for all of their sports betting games. Besides sports gambling, casinos and online gambling offer live-streaming videos of different sporting activities and games. It’s important because bet365 utilizes proprietary software to manage the affiliate program. The operator aims to provide its affiliates with the most innovative content reports. Our dedicated affiliate staff are always on hand for assistance.


#2 is an extremely popular betting company in America. It’s one of the first betting brands to accept Bitcoin. It also is a sports gambling brand which accepts American gamblers. This website offers bettors a choice of more than 300 casino games and top horse racing, and major sports events. The site offers a wide range of betting options on sports betting in the US. Bovadalv is run under our partner’s control, and the program generally runs through income access. It also offers affiliate partners optimized advertising strategies and unique initiatives.

#3 Betfair

Betfair offers an online betting platform similar to Paddypower, which is widely known for its high-quality and diversified betting services. It became a pioneering betting exchange where the bookmakers were obstructing the betting equation and enabled both bets to compete against the other. Betfair has customers online casinos, poker, and sportsbooks. Affiliate Markets at Betfair receive 30 percent of the profits from referrals. All customer expenditures on the platform will be valid for a full lifetime. These affiliate commissions can reoccur periodically.

#4 FanDuel

Sportsbooks is an American sportsbook offering its customers the chance to bet on fantasy sports or regular sporting events like racehorses. There have been 15 licensees across the USA. FanDuel provides the best sports betting deals. It’s the first sportsbook enabling sports gamblers to bet on fantasy sports games with real money. As an affiliate program, Fanduel offers an extremely good payout among all the affiliated sportsbook sites. It’s possible to use Sports Betting Affiliate programs on two different platforms. Site: FanDuel.

Why promote FanDuel?

Affiliates receive commissions via revenue share and costs of acquisitions. The revenue share gives affiliate companies a means of generating revenue by referrals to affiliates.

What are online betting affiliates?

Referrals pay affiliate commissions on bets. When visitors click the links on the referral page, an affiliate will receive a reward from the player. Affiliates either get a flat rate per customer (CPA) or a share in a percentage of customer spending ( revenue share ). Affiliates are free of charge, although licensing is expensive. The process is relatively simple (except for some states’ licenses). The bad news will be that you will face much rivalry. Online bets can be extremely profitable – even for affiliates.

Profit Maximizer Sports Betting Affiliate Program

Profit Maximizer offers matched betting platforms where sports punters can use an incentive program and receive free bets from the bookies. Most of our players want to have multiple small wins. Profit Maximizer provides its members with predetermined betting options and an easy-to-use guide to the betting process. The site offers free trial services to affiliates to increase the number of visitors. Profit Maximizer’s Sportsbook Affiliate Program offers 75% commissions that result in $56 per referral. Web site:

Daily Fantasy Sports Affiliate Programs

Daily fantasy sports have very strong potential. The fantasy sports industry has matured since its beginning, in which one cannot watch a game without 20 fantasy site advertisements. Affiliate Programs invest in the efforts they make in marketing partners to drive traffic to their site. DFS sites are also often heavily dependent on affiliate marketing methods to compete with established operators. Affiliated DFS is not a required license and may be promoted in the US states.


Why pick sports betting affiliate programs?

What was your motivation for choosing sports bets in the first place? Sports betting can help millions of people enjoy great sporting events. According to statistics, over 60% of Americans over 18 participate in sports betting. It’s good to be able to enjoy all forms of betting from home. Betting on sports offers a wide range of sports events like basketball, soccer and much more. Here’s an evaluation of the top betting affiliates available.

Sports Betting Affiliates usually require licensing

Sportsbet affiliate companies are available now in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana and West Virginia. The states whose affiliate program will open the market include Illinois and Michigan. We’ll examine the affiliation landscape soon. Sports betting companies in the USA must register or license their operations as legal sportsbooks. In many states, the sports betting industry has less competition. What are the reasons for this?

Horse Racing Betting Affiliate Programs

A regulated affiliate does not have a license to promote horse racing. Internet betting is also excluded from federal anti-gaming laws. Some states do not require the betting of horse races. Therefore the reach here is less large than with a fanciful sport. However, nothing will hinder you from working with players living within accepted states, even if you live outside of restricted states.

5k Betting System

The 5k Betting System provides you with information about match betting. Those recommendations give them an assured profit. It costs £100 to register to get free daily access through email. The SportsBet affiliates earn a 50% commission on each transaction for affiliate marketers. Site: 5 K Bet Systems.

Betting Gods

Betting Gods gives users free betting advice from expert tipsters eliminating any speculation regarding sports betting. So far, Betting Gods’ membership is about 120,000. Betting Gods pays affiliates $151.33 per referral. An upsell system for sale will give you a bigger commission on multiple sales. Site: Bet the Gods.

Other sports betting affiliate programs

After checking out ten sports affiliate programs, the following are the top paid betting affiliate programs to check out.