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Will Tether officially fail to keep its peg to the U.S. dollar? We saw a preview to this two days ago when it dipped down to $0.94. Perhaps this had to do with the troubles that Bitfinex has seen with its own user base being unable to withdrawal from the exchange, or perhaps this has to to with Tether and Bitfinex parting ways first from HSBC and then from Nobel Bank. If you’re not sure why Bitfinex is even being mentioned here, it’s worth it to know that Bitfinex and Tether are pretty much sister companies who have a similarities in regards to who runs them. Further evidence of this collaboration can be seen thanks to the very fact that Bitfinex was unable to both accept wire deposits and withdrawals, caused all sorts of panic in the market with Tether.
What’s even more concerning is how Bitfinex has been addressing these issues. By addressing I mean they’re completely disregarding the concerns being brought to light on Reddit and other places. They have failed to explain why these issues have presented themselves in the first place and are now trying to gloss it all over with the fact that they have a new and improved deposit method.
No, no, everything is fine, just fine… in my opinion, this house of cards is going to fail. Tether used to be a big fish in a little pond, but now there’s new competition moving into the stable coin arena. Granted all of the stable coin options are failing to keep a steady peg, but at least now there are options available that offer more transparent means of auditing processes.

Ethereum has been working towards its newest upgrade, Constantinople, but as should now be expected, there has been yet another delay. As it turns out, this newest upgrade was thankfully first tested out on the Ropsten Testnet ended up splitting the network. That’s what testnets are for after all. This brings to my mind all of the countless Ethereum killers out there like NEO, or Cardano, and how or if it will be different for these other networks to implement changes and if they are taking notes from Ethereum’s process.

Let’s end this video on the bright side shall we?

Pantera Capital thinks the cryptocurrency markets could go 10x by the year 2020. What do they think is holding them back? Scaling solutions of course! Since Bitcoin has been and most likely will continue to be the trailblazer for this space, here are a few things Bitcoin developers have been working on to prepare for this:
Lightning network:
Each of these are still in the early stages and have yet to be fully taken advantage of, but they ought to give you some peace of mind knowing that they do exist and developers are working on them every day.

Other things to be aware of are graphene blockchains. These are designed in a way to be faster and more efficient. Think Dan Larimer and his trail of blockchains that are Bitshares, Steem and EOS. Before you get too excited about these types of options, these networks are also designed to use Delegated Proof of Stake to reach consensus which isn’t exactly the most decentralized way to run a “decentralized” network, but time will tell if this type of blockchain will prove useful.

Also, Coinbase has officially added an ERC-20 token, no this isn’t some scam, trying to trick you into losing your precious ERC-20 tokens, but be aware that they haven’t opened the door for ALL ERC-20 tokens, just 0x. So if you happen to be holding on to some of those tokens, congratulations, I’m sure you’re enjoying that bump up in price that accompanies any coin that is added to Coinbase.