BlockchainBrad interviews Mainframe CEO Mick Hagen. Mainframe introduces the world to a new web3 communications layer. Mainframe is the platform for decentralized applications. Resistant to censorship, surveillance, and disruption, the Mainframe network enables any application to send data, store files, manage payments, run tasks, and more. With the exception of a catastrophic asteroid event or an aggressive alien invasion, the Mainframe network claims to be simply unstoppable.

They’re a team of 12 full-time people based mostly in London (a few remote developers). You can read their hiring values and better understand the types of people they try to surround ourselves with.

I invested in Mainframe, meaning I bought Mainframe Tokens in the pre sale & thus I support its long term utility. This is not a sponsored video in anyway. I don’t take payment for videos and never will. This was my own personal investment. I do several reporting videos without investment interests, but in this case I decided to invest.