The #1 & Best Swing Trade in 2015

This week’s video as we continue to wrap up 2015 what I’d like to share with you is the best swing trade of 2015.

At least from my point of view and one that you could have learned quite a bit from so the best swing trade for my opinion one that we traded heavily was Amazon. Amazon had a fantastic run from right around that $350 range after it broke out from that descending trend line all the way up to 650 to 670 dollars per share.

Now one of the reasons that are really like this trade or wanted to share this with you is because of the patterns that were created. Now it broke that descending trend line and after breaking that it had continuous stair-step patterns.

It consolidated a little bit sideways and then pop little bit higher, consolidate little bit sideways and then again pop a little bit higher. Now some of those pops are really due to earnings and earnings reports and news releases.

Now those of you that know me know that I sell most of my position before we get into earnings and that is just a risk thing that I personally do because you never really know where those earnings will go but even if you didn’t trade during earnings this stock ran up quite heavily for months and months into 2015.

So even if you took a little bit of a nibble early on in the year or even if you trade it in between earnings it could’ve been a really successful trade for you and hopefully that’s the case and if not don’t worry there’s plenty of other trades in the future and more opportunities will come and more trades will evolve as long as you go in catch the right trades ride them at the right time and allow them to run just by being patient.

Learn from this trade even if you only can get 50 shares or 20 shares or 10 shares allowing a company to run for 200 to 300 points can really make a significant impact to your portfolio and your account.

Thanks for joining me in this video lesson if you learned something from Amazon and the charts and you want to see some more additional charts and things that I’m watching then what you can do is try my critical chart subscription service absolutely free for 30 days by just clicking this link right below.

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