The gambling industry has been a constant in online entertainment ever since the very beginning. As technology has advanced, so has the variety of online crypto casino games. Even now, with the market being the most varied it’s ever been, there are a handful of gambling categories that have continuously reigned. 

Whether you are a gambler or not, chancers have heard of the three main gambling gaming categories, which are slots, live games, and card games. Besides these three, there are copious other options, including virtual games, sports betting, and specialty games, all holding a unique charm. 

Online crypto casino games have become the biggest attraction to the rapidly growing industry, alongside the offer of bonuses and promotions. In this article, we will touch on the three main online crypto casino games and how best to implement a strategy. 

Online Crypto Casino Games

Online crypto casino games are a great way to let loose and have fun while holding onto the hope of pocketing some riches. With casinos holding the gaming varieties they do today, online players have what they need to make the most of every session. 

No matter what experience you seek, chances are there is a game out there for you, with thousands of themes and bonuses to take advantage of. 

Slots Online

The first and most favored gaming category on the list is slots online. These games are the perfect option for new players and existing players, allowing for a multifaceted gaming approach. 

Nowadays, there are thousands of slot titles to choose from, with bonus featuring options being the most popular. One of the newest slot features that players have taken a liking to is the bonus buy. 

A bonus buy is an online slot feature that gives gamblers the option to pay a premium in return for instant access to the slot game’s main bonus. The bonus provided varies depending on the game, but the majority of the time, players are awarded with free spins. 

The reason slot games are amongst the most played gambling options is thanks to the ability to incorporate the ever-growing world of technology. Gaming developers can catch players’ attention through eye-catching imagery, fun-filled themes, and all the best bonuses. 

Slot Strategy

Picking the best slot strategy can be challenging, but a player’s results ultimately come down to the game played. By choosing a slot game that provides a user friend RTP, you instantly up your chances of reaping a reward. RTP stands for return to player rate, and it plays a direct role in the positive results the game provides. 

Table Games At A Crypto Casino
Table games at crypto casinos.

Table Games At A Crypto Casino 

The next top-performing category in the online crypto casino industry is the card games, better known as the table games. The table games remain the most elegant of all the online crypto casino games. This is thanks to well-known films like James Bond, Casino, and many others. 

Table games include a huge variety of options, with board, table, and card games to choose from. In this online crypto casino games guide, we will be focusing on card and table games with the best odds. 

List Of Casino Card Games

  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Texas Hold’em

Table Games With Best Odds

  • Roulette 
  • Craps 
  • Baccarat
  • Sic Bo

Card Game Strategy 

Just like the slot games, the perfect strategy is ultimately choosing a game that delivers a favorable house edge. Similar to RTP, the house edge indicates the chance of success a player has when gambling. By picking a table game with the best odds, you are upping your chances of reward. 

Live Games

Another newer category to the online crypto casino games variety is live games. Advanced camera technology and professional dealers and developers bring these titles to life. 

Live dealer games are highly interactive, offering an exclusive and engaging experience for players to dabble in. With slightly fewer providers competing, the category has managed to deliver some outstanding titles, with Evolution Gaming and Ezugi taking center stage.

Best Live Dealer Games

  • Mega Ball 
  • Deal Or No Deal 
  • Monopoly LIVE
  • Lightning Roulette


As you can see, the online casino industry is an amalgamation of multiple different gaming varieties. The market is expected to grow, opening the doors to a broader spectrum of gaming options. One of the game types to rise the fastest in the market are virtual games. These games offer a better interactive approach than live games, with the extra need of a VR headset.

With the industry the size it is and still plenty more room for growth, now is a perfect time to get involved in the action. Sign up to a casino like BC GAME for the most well-rounded online experience.