When it comes to investing, the earlier you start the better. Compounding works in such a way that your money grows exponentially on itself. If you are in your 20s and want to get a head start on investing, here are a few investing tips for beginners to help you out. http://bit.ly/2MYDfgC

A person who starts investing just a few years earlier could end up with many times more money when it comes time to retire than they would have had if they started later in life.

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  1. so … fck….i just invested in a pseudo index fund via mutual firm a few weeks ago during IPO. i dont know how to pick investments, so i needed a brokerage. they charge a whooping fee of 2%. they made an account for me on SE site…..been 2 days since the offering closed, still hve not given me my account info nor contacted me yet. im giving them a visit tommorw. feel like i should be on my guard.

  2. Why only mention student loans? What about a house loan? I would pay off my house loan before starting to invest, and that could take time. People are usually stuck with a house loan for 30+ years. Student loans isn't more expensive than a house loan. Unless you want to live in a shoe box with cold water only

  3. He speaks the truth. Based on data from the last half-century, every dollar invested in index funds has doubled roughly every ten years. Cut your M-F daily $5 latte just for a year, and that's $1300 saved. After 60 years, that $1300 saved from that one latte-less year has now grown to $83,200. And actually even more than that if you account for the income tax you paid on each dollar spent on a latte, that could have been invested in a tax advantaged account like a 401k or a Roth IRA. What else could you give up to save $$$$$$?
    Think about it.
    -Personal Finance Professor

  4. i'm 19, my biggest mistake was giving Timothy Sykes $7,000 for the wackiest trading mentor ship ever meanwhile I could simply invest with the help of Mrs Angela Rene Reynolds an expert trade and its been very profitable.

  5. Liked and subscribed. I appreciate the video. I am in my late 20s and am trying to find better ways to invest. I do not have student loans, but at my job I do not have benefits with matching on an investment. I did buy a Duplex a couple years ago and am renting the larger half to the family thats lived there. Its a slow steady investment, but will need more to be comfortable in the future because I don’t feel it is feasible for most people to do so by just working.

  6. So I’m 18 just graduated high school.
    Already have a full time job
    Plan to go to college soon
    $0 debt
    Already investing in the stock market and etfs
    Already have a 5% contribution towards my 401k
    Saving money towards my savings
    Only one thing missing
    I wish I had a gf lol

  7. I invested about 70% of the money I got on my 18th birthday now I’m 19 and I don’t have to go to college and I’m living the life I said I was gonna live when I was in my 20’s. YOUR LIFE IS IN YOUR HANDS!!

  8. My first goal is to save up $1000 to put into a Roth IRA. My goal after that, tentatively, will be to put at least 2,500 in the roth each year.
    I don't know how to invest, but this video has my gears turning.

  9. Most universities in Europe are a whole lot cheaper than in America – you usually don't get any loans from them and the level of education is on par if not better on some subjects than in us universities – good stuff

  10. I'm going to shoot holes through your reasoning. It comes down to enjoying life to a large extent. You could save money like a miser and have plenty of dough all throughout your life and still be miserable. You'll never be young twice so why not enjoy this prime time of life and not worry so much about investing during this stage. This is the time you should be seeking, blundering, making mistakes and living it up.

    “By seeking and blundering we learn.”
    ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

    I remember an old man told me to not wait until I was 65 to start enjoying life. To me , this is what you're suggesting in this video, namely, save up till you're rich and old and then enjoy it.

    I made every damn mistake that you've described in this video and yet I still came out OK. I eventually kicked it into gear and managed to save enough money to cover me in retirement and I had fun and disasters along the way.

    “Men need play & danger.
    Civilization gives them work and safety.” 

    ― Friedrich Nietzsche

    You're demanding that people play it safe and work hard and this is what enervates and depresses them over the long run.

    Moreover, if you're so smart , why ain't you rich ?

  11. i am 22 years old got an associates degree but no job. I am working on my bachelors but this video is gold. I will use this video to my advantage, I may not have a job but at least I will know how to invest before I get one.

  12. I chose this video because I might consider investing. I found it a very interesting video because the message is specifically addressed to students. The explanation was not too long or not too boring, but just the opposite. Thank you for the 7 useful tips, I will try to use them in the future!

  13. I just clocked 32 and I'd say I pretty much had it going in my 20's. I started investing in the stock and foreign exchange markets under Norman Watson's portfolio making nearly 170% in profits almost weekly.


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