Enter the hard-hitting world of boxing where blockbuster matches are held almost every week. From the lightning-quick flyweight boxers to the mighty heavyweight giants, boxing can fit fans’ preferences. This can stretch from random viewers of the sport to dedicated bettors in the world including the Philippines and the rest of Asia.

The sport of boxing is a big hit for the betting industry because it’s considered a prize fight. It is an alluring sport that combines skill, hard work, and luck. Want to find out how you can place boxing bets using crypto online? Check this guide from BC.GAME to learn more.

What is boxing betting?

Boxing betting is a form of sports betting where you predict the outcome of a boxing match. This includes predicting the result of a match but you can also place bets on specific markets including how the match ends or who comes away with a statistical lead like significant punches landed.

Compared to other combat fighting sports, boxing is pretty simple as you only have to take note of punches thrown and how both boxers strategise. Anyone getting into online boxing betting at BC.GAME can make money with simple predictions. Stretching from the USA to the Philippines, boxing betting is a big hit because there are always events that capture their attention.

Betting types in boxing

BC.GAME provides you with plenty of options for your boxing bets. These options have numbers attached to them that can dictate how you make your bets. These numbers are called betting odds and they tell you how likely or unlikely a certain outcome can be. Odds also determine how big of a payout a bettor can get when they make a successful bet. 

Here at BC.GAME, there are multiple odds formats you can choose from when betting. These are: 

  • Decimal
  • Fractional
  • American
  • Indonesian
  • Hong Kong
  • Malaysian

Now that you are equipped with the knowledge of odds, go look at this boxing betting guide and learn the many types of bets you can make at BC.GAME. 


This bet is pretty simple as you are predicting which fighter wins the match. It doesn’t matter whether the boxer wins through unanimous, majority, or split decisions.


The 1×2 market covers three major outcomes. This is a win for either fighter which is 1 and 2 in the market’s name, while the x covers the draw. If you want to predict a draw, that may be a good wager since the odds for that are higher. 


You get a specific number of rounds played in the match and predict if the final number of rounds will be over or under the one BC.GAME provided.

Will the fight go the distance?

This is a yes or no type of bet as you predict if the match will make it to a decision result or if the match finished before the rounds were fought.

Method to qualify

This involves betting on how a fight will end. You can predict a knockout or technical knockout win for either side. On the other hand, you can also bet on either boxer winning by decision or points. Lastly, you can also predict a draw between the boxers.

Winner & exact rounds

There are plenty of options here as you have to pick the winner of the match while also predicting the round when they will win. The options are specific rounds until the 12th but you can also predict the most likely option, a win for either fighter on points or a decision.

Winner and round range

In this betting type, there are round ranges for you to choose from where you think the match will end. You also have to predict the boxer you feel will get the win. Lastly, you can predict decision wins from either side or a draw.


Boxing betting strategy: Successful strategies for your wagers

Betting on boxing matches can range from an easy decision to a challenging one. The odds are a good indication of the likelihood of an outcome but you need to be prepared with strategies that can help you decide quicker. 

Here are some of the most useful strategies when placing bets on boxing matches:

Analyse the matchup between the boxers

Aside from the records, you must look at how these fighters match up with each other. The fundamental comparison you can make is being an orthodox (right-handed fighter) or a southpaw (left-handed fighter). Most of the time, the southpaws have the advantage because their punches are more unpredictable than the orthodox boxers.

Aside from that, you have to look at the boxing styles of these athletes. This is pretty diverse but you can distinguish them by seeing them as more of an attacking-style boxer or a more defensive boxer. 

The best example of an aggressive boxer is the Philippines’ superstar, Manny Pacquiao who loved to attack his rivals while the defensive boxer like Floyd Mayweather Jr. kept his guard up while bobbing and weaving through every punch. Their proficiency with their signature style compared to their opponents is a factor to take note of to have a better outlook on the bet.

Look at a boxer’s preference for how his bouts end 

Boxers’ records often feature a combination of KO and decision wins. Nevertheless, certain fighters are reputed to be KO specialists who secure victories in this fashion consistently. Betting on these boxers holds potential for substantial payouts if your wager proves correct, as the rewards can soar significantly.

Make sure you’re on the lookout for the top KO experts in the ring and assessing the likelihood of their upcoming bout culminating in a knockout. It’s crucial to analyse their opponent’s resilience and ability to take punches while also looking at the KO specialist’s potential strategies, whether it’s delivering a trademark right hook or a powerful left-handed haymaker to secure the victory. 

Subsequently, you can also look at some boxers who love to win on points by remaining on the defensive while punching when there is an opening. There is no intent to knock the opponent out unless they make a huge enough blunder that the door is open for a KO shot. Look at the tendencies of these boxers and you will have a much-improved basis for your bets.

Check out details about the training camps

This boxing betting strategy is helpful in most high-profile bouts. Look into the details about the fighters’ training camps where you’ll find information about the training regimens and their outcomes for both fighters. Assess the effectiveness of these training camps by researching their length, intensity, and what kind of workouts they are doing behind the scenes. Most of the time, there are interviews involving the boxers and their trainers, to help you get a clear picture. 

Afterwards, you should also look at the boxers they are sparring at these camps. If the fighters they’re working with are of top quality, you should expect them to come out swinging during the fight. They might be underdogs to some but seeing the quality of their sparring sessions, that’s a good sign for your bets.


Boxing betting tips: How to make successful boxing wagers

Aside from the reliable strategies for boxing betting, you should also know some of the best winning tips that can help you emerge victorious with your wagers.

Keep track of a boxer’s record

Some boxers might have an unbeaten record but the quality of their opponents might be lower than most. That can also be said in the other direction as some boxers love to fight the best opponents possible which can lead to a mediocre record. Do your best to learn more about boxers and the factors influencing their records. With a more thorough analysis, you can enhance your betting decisions with greater ease.

A bettor should always look at a boxer’s record and use that knowledge to make adjustments to their bets. It is rare to have someone make their pro debuts without having experience in the amateur ranks beforehand. Make sure to look into the bouts they’ve done and you can see a clearer picture of what you are betting on.

Manage your bankroll

Ensure when you place bets on boxing matches, you manage bankroll well. Make the right decision because you are risking a good amount of money when you place a bet, make sure to look into useful sports betting strategies. The best tip for newcomers is to start with low-amount bets before ramping up when you’re more proficient with high-value wagers. 

As long as you set a limit for yourself, you will be in good shape with your wagers. Don’t go too hard on your bets because if you go beyond your budget, that will set you back significantly, especially if you use money you can’t afford to lose.

Stay up to date with boxing news

You must stay up to date with the reports surrounding these boxers. They are useful because you can get updates about injuries or even insights from these boxers about their opponents. The news will give more context into the fight you’re betting on and if you’re confident that the info has helped you, go and place the bet and wait for the fight. 

Understand the winning odds in boxing

Betting odds are useful as they help you determine which option is the most and least likely to happen. Placing bets on favourites usually leads to lesser payouts but when you take the big swing and bet on underdogs, the upside for payouts is high. You don’t have to wager a lot of money to get plenty of rewards because of the odds discrepancy. 

Remember the fight location matters

Whenever you watch a fight, you might notice that some boxers have a home-court advantage as they’re fighting in their own country or city. They are extra-motivated to perform in front of their fans and family which can help you bet on them. That kind of motivation can carry a boxer to a win despite being an underdog.

Bet on boxing at BC.GAME

Before you jump-start your wagers on the biggest boxing matches at BC.GAME,  register for an account on the platform. Here are the steps on how to sign up: 

  • Click the sign-up button on the top-right corner. Fill in the email or phone number details to register for an account. At the same time, you can connect accounts on other platforms like Google, Telegram, Metamask, WalletConnect, Whatsapp, and LINE.
  • Click the Deposit button on the top part of the page to payment methods, be it online banking or your preferred cryptocurrency. Copy the deposit address and paste it into your crypto wallet to initiate the transfer. You can also use your smartphone’s crypto wallet app as you scan the QR code to initiate the transfer.
  • Go to the Sports section on the top-left side of the screen. 
  • Look for the boxing section on the left side of the screen and after clicking it, you can see the matches you can place bets on.
  • Select the outcomes you want to place bets on which appear on the Betslip. Confirm the bets and you’ll only have to wait for the results. Watch the matches to get a faster turnout for the bets you made.

Get the knockout blows with your BC.GAME boxing bets

Boxing is incredibly popular among bettors, especially in the Philippines, with numerous matches to wager on. Seize the opportunity to place substantial bets on lucrative boxing opportunities and win significant rewards.

Enjoy a top-notch sports betting experience at BC.GAME. You can always find scheduled matches waiting for your profitable predictions, packed with an extensive variety of markets with reliable odds. With all the boxing betting tips you’ve learned from this guide, you can enhance your winning chances.

Frequently asked questions

These are the most common questions asked about BC.GAME and betting on boxing on the platform.

How do you win points in boxing betting?

To win on points, the boxer needs to last the duration of the fight and convince the judges that their performance was superior. That is mainly seen with the punches landed, how they controlled the match’s tempo, and how they defended against the opponent’s punches. Predict your preferred boxer and wait if they win via decision. 

Where can I bet on boxing?

You can place bets on any sportsbook but the best one you can use is BC.GAME. This is the best online boxing betting site where you can use cryptocurrencies for your wagers that lead to even bigger rewards when you win.

How to know the winning odds in boxing?

At BC.GAME, every outcome you can choose has odds attached to them. The odds tell you which outcome is more or less likely to happen. Most of the time, the higher the odds, the less likely the outcome is but that results in higher payouts. Conversely, lower odds are usually the likely outcome which nets bettors lesser payouts.