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00:00- 02:28 For those who haven’t heard of your project, can you give a brief overview of what Celsius is all about and what you’re trying to accomplish?

02:28- 03:35 Is this a trading platform? If not, how are you different?

03:35- 05:40 How will Celsius be different from other lending platforms? Which coins will the users be able to lend/borrow? How will this work?

05:40- 08:00 What is the process like for a borrower? What does it mean to provide asset-backed loans?

08:00- 11:30 How will you take advantage of the individuals set on shorting the crypto markets?

11:30- 14:00 How will these fees be be distributed among the Celsius community?

14:00- 15:05 When does your public sale begin? When will your mobile wallet be available?

15:05- 19:30How will lenders specify how many coins they want to lend? How will Celsius flip the script on the banks’ practices?

19:30- 21:43 What practices do you have in place to secure the funds being stored in the community?

21:43- 23:05 When will you announce which financial institution that Celsius has partnered with?

23:05- 24:43 What kinds of educational sources will Celsius be supplying for its users?

24:43- 25:40 Who will be able to participate in your ICO? How can they do so?

25:40- 28:38 How has your experience of being a founder of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) influenced your motivation to apply your efforts towards cryptocurrency?