I really wanted to get this off my chest. ICO reviews are sponsored, period. Every YouTuber who does ICO reviews on his channels is paid to do so. But it’s not that these YouTubers are being dishonest if they don’t say it is sponsored, not at all. We can choose whatever ICO is out on the market to review and get paid for doing that. More than 9/10 ICOs listed on ICO bench already reached out to me. That’s how it goes, for me and for every other YouTuber. The difference is that I’m saying that it’s paid for and receive tons of negative feedback, unsubscriptions and comments only reacting to the fact it’s sponsored. On the other hand, the YouTubers doing sponsored videos and not saying it, they got good feedback and these videos are not harmful at all for their channel.

For me it’s even that bad that I feel nervous and scared every time I upload an ICO review because I say it’s sponsored and I know what will follow: a lot of people unsubscribing and a lot of negative comments. I didn’t do a sponsored review for a month because I had problems with this and 4 days ago I uploaded the first ICO review in over a month and the top comment was “you should do less sponsored videos”, only the first one in over a month.
How it backfires to me to be honest about sponsored ICO reviews is something that is very hard to take. It’s simply harmful for my channel and growth to continue to say it in my videos.

You need to know 1 thing: if you see an ICO review on YouTube, it’s sponsored. The fact that we as YouTubers get paid to do a review does not change a thing to our honesty about something. We got 100 or more ICOs contacting us (95% of the ICOs around) every single month. I do 2-3 reviews a month, which means these are ICOs that I really like and truely believe in. If it’s sponsored or not, doesn’t change a thing. The few ICOs that do not reach out to YouTubers for doing a sponsored videos, are most likely ICOs that are not even that good, because it’s simple: every ICO does this and lists of YouTubers go around from ICO to ICO. They know it’s their best source of advertisement so the massive majority automatically know that they should ask YouTubers to do a review.

I hope you guys understand this and I really wanted to make this clear. I will ALWAYS say my honest opinion about something.

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